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  1. Maillie

    New round of Fellowship Adventures

    If we had a way, other than sheer luck, to get teleport spells I wouldn't mind the FA. When the FA comes back to back after events it's a problem in Chapter 20. The guest race settlement buildings are massive and expensive, with each costing over 100,000 seeds, 54,000 orcs, and considerable...
  2. Maillie

    Chapter 20 - The Power of Music

    I'm late to the party, but for next time, if you need to adjust culture amounts it's not necessary to teleport things or delete things. Simply pull up a piece of road in front of something and it will act the same as removing it. Then you can simply put the road back when you have the correct...
  3. Maillie

    New City Expansions!

    Chapter 20 is in Beta. There is only one Chapter expansion somewhat early in the Chapter, the second one is near the end of the techs. Not much help there, since we have yet another new boosted manufactory that can't fit into a single expansion. Not much space left from one single new boosted...
  4. Maillie

    Discussion July 2022 Fellowship Adventure - Feedback

    In my main city in Winyandor, where I have finished the game, I have nothing but Magic Residences. I also have 15 pages of NH to go through every day, most gold hands. If I can't come close to getting a single coin badge then your term of "working as intended" means no players should be able...
  5. Maillie

    Discussion Time to Go!

    If you've been playing for years and just entered Orcs, it probably means that the fellowship that you were in wasn't extremely helpful to you, or that it's not a game that you devoted a lot of time to. A good fellowship makes all the difference in advancement if you play regularly. Good luck.
  6. Maillie

    Frustration (ch. 19)

    In the first place, people that "complain" that they have finished the chapter in a few weeks and have nothing more to do are not really complaining at all. They have spent a LOT of money to be able to race to the Forums and brag about it. The devs have difficulty seeing the difference between...
  7. Maillie

    1KP invaders in wonders

    We just announce that there is an alien invader in the AW and people put enough kp in to eliminate the outsider from the chests. It happens all the time.
  8. Maillie

    FA - path block option?

    We fix the problem by doing all three rows and everyone has a chance to toss anything they have into anywhere they want. This way everyone gets a reward and we have fun doing it. The only map that we follow one row is the third map, and that's only until that row, usually green, is done. We...
  9. Maillie

    Chapter 18 - Team Spirit

    I can't speak in terms of the math involved, I can only attest to the reality of this. I am in the very last tech of 18. I am facing enemies of massive proportion before I even get to the 20th fight in maybe the 4th or 5th round. Something like around 20k of my troops against 38k enemies. By...
  10. Maillie

    Beta Fellowship Adventures

    Since the only fellowships that might have toolboxes, necklaces, and statues available would be the fellowships that have "event" cities, or the few that might be finished with Chapter 18, it would certainly make a difference to the rest of the fellowships if this could be extended an extra day...
  11. Maillie

    Chapter 18 - Team Spirit

    I honestly had no problem with the merchants. In my live city here I had the most prolific of goods and the trader was full of trades that looked exactly like mine, with nothing to pick from. I put in my trades and generally had my Ascended Goods trades taken within the next three hours. They...
  12. Maillie

    Chapter 18 - Team Spirit

    I couldn't get a time booster in the Spire for about 3 weeks. I was nearly out of them. There was no way I could have finished this mess several weeks ago. My fear is that this chapter is going to have the runaway effect of Chapter 15. People may want to go a different direction, rather...
  13. Maillie

    Chapter 18 - Team Spirit

    I was checking yesterday to see if anything new had been posted or answered. I'm in the 280 row, next to last one. I may live long enough to ever finish this. It's excruciatingly slow to get 5 badges at a time when you need a couple thousand. No one in either my main city here or in my Beta...
  14. Maillie

    Closed | Archived Sorcerers Event Icon!

    This is what's in Arendyll:
  15. Maillie

    Chapter 18 - Team Spirit

    It is, indeed, the same in the browser version. I am having no problem, whatsoever, in my main city with the trader system. I do not have a rare goods and in the regular system of trades I would be subject to sitting on the trades or paying the scalpers' ridiculous zero star trades. Very...
  16. Maillie

    Chapter 18 - Team Spirit

    They broke it.
  17. Maillie

    Chapter 18 - Team Spirit

    I got the first quest and was able to gain an expansion from finishing 550 provinces, but there is nothing in the tech tree. Tomorrow?
  18. Maillie

    Discussion Chapter 17 - The Traders of Unur

    There are no other buildings that make Unurium. The only building that makes it is the upgraded Trader. It is not produced in anything else and it's very, very slow. We get a choice whether to make Unurium or to make seeds from the Trader.
  19. Maillie

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures - May Contain Beta Spoilers!!!

    Why should we have to do this? Sentient Goods came out in Elementals. There are now SIX chapters that use them. Six. Why are you asking for tier one goods for bracelets? There should be an "or" in the requirement for that badge. 79,000 tier one is the amount that is required for one single...
  20. Maillie

    Discussion Chapter 17 - The Traders of Unur

    Whenever I see bragging like this I have to shudder. This is why the devs end up using a giant nerf bat on things that are, or were, so beneficial to the vast majority of players. We're not all in 10 chest/gold Spire fellowships, nor do we all want to be. Many of us play for fun and are not...