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  1. Toni the mercyful

    Pet food (!)

    4 Pet Food per week (!) Well, that is a good planning, but I realise I use per week: 2 - for Phoenix in tornament 2 - for the Codex Fire Chicken - gives 14 kp at finished scouting 1 - Brown Bear - troops extra 3 - Moon Bear - 9 kp at neighb. help 1 - Polar Bear - When i need tornament cooldown...
  2. Toni the mercyful

    Pet food (!)

    I ran out of Pet Food... If I don't feed my birds and bears once a day is like starving. The MA do not provide more than 1 a day lately and never being such a giver either in the past. So, the question shall be> Can you make buildings that gives Pet Food daily(?) That will help us! T the M
  3. Toni the mercyful

    Wishing Wells

    Agree! It seems that the genies are the target to achieve and made us all do spire. Well, someone of us aren't that spire lovers, but will be forced! My thought may be somehow deeper, I guess. Visionary, may be! T the M
  4. Toni the mercyful

    dwarven portal

    Try to relocate or disconnect him. Maybe it works. T
  5. Toni the mercyful

    Teleport event buildings (!)

    I need (!!!) them to be teleport in my inventory, too! As FA is coming soon it will be great to have vital space! I got 8 and another plenty of them not summoned (!) I will love to be my option :) to use a rare teleport building instead having them there forever or delete them. Game developer...
  6. Toni the mercyful

    Pet food

    Pet food! Pet food! Pet food! Starving...
  7. Toni the mercyful

    Evolution of the Phoenix

    After you complete this one, please tell us what is the next one! Thanks! :)
  8. Toni the mercyful

    Phoenix buildings level 10!

    After I finished all quests I realize that I put between 4051 sky essences + almost 1000 gain by generous chests (specially the 82 ones!). I am at level 7 (not yet upgrade at 7) with my evolving Storm Building! Sad! :((((((((((((((((( To reach level 10 I am in the game with more or less than...
  9. Toni the mercyful

    Closed | Archived Necromancy Faculty

    I Disconnect it and replace it, naw is OK! Thank yooooou! Toni
  10. Toni the mercyful

    Closed | Archived Necromancy Faculty

    I cannot use this building! Please fix it! I got 4/4 builders working so... Thank you Toni