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    Autumn Zodiac

    Nothing to do - no game/events. They (dev) could have the events run so that they don't all stop at the same time? *twiddles thumbs*

    Version 1.160

    bug issue: 'We fixed an issue that caused the Combining Catalyst icon to be missing in the Ancient Wonder overview.' However, I am finding in the Magic Academy Produce the icon for the Combining Catalyst comes up with a weird question mark, and doesn't work so I have had to just load up on...

    Neighborly Help

    earned or gifted depending on who is receiving it

    Neighborly Help

    earned - rather than received.

    Question avatar options limited

    Yes, but still I see no woman older than 30ish, elven or human, yet I see men of all ages. insert pic: elven woman - status unknown, filigree leaning stick or wooden woven circlet, hair piled high in wispy Celtic knots, far away look as if watching something in the distance or/and with that...

    Question avatar options limited

    Noticing a lot of diverse options for men in general across a wide age range, and not women; human or elf. Can we women have more options to choose from across the age ranges please? We are not all gamers in our 20-30 somethings, but the mothers of such (who started them off) back in the day :)...