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  1. Answered Gateway To The Past

    yep,you are not alone. I am confused also. watched a video about it but still no clue . organise the grid?
  2. Player wanted

    This is a great fellowship. I am proof. I only started 2 months ago and if you check out my score history you can see for yourself how much I grew. Arendyll EN winter mixture fellowship helped me a lot. Lots of active, friendly players that really made me feel at home. Come join us and help...
  3. newbie looking for a fellowship

    I found a fellowship :) Winter mixture fellowship was kind enough to give me a chance and I am really happy there and progressing fast. hello, I am in a friendly fellowship, but the archmage told us she is busy in real life and today she and 5 players left and it is quiet now. I had a good...