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  1. Answered Is there a way to increase the trade level in Merchant?

    The size of the trade is based on your main hall level. For the next two main hall levels the trade sizes are 2000 and 2200.
  2. Release notes - from Discord

    Yay! More spell fragements. Maybe I'll be able to upgrade some more AWs now.
  3. HE'S BACK!!

    @Herodite Someone keeps dropping scrolls on Cedric!
  4. Discussion News from Beta (may contain spoilers!)

    Spell frags (and vision vapour) from CCs. They are in slot 3.
  5. Is it easier to upgrade Ancient Wonders now?

    This also highlights a long standing annoyance, which is now significantly worse. Those who got multiple moonstone sets, from before the 1 set limitation, will now be getting the 3675/week for each set. Ten sets is approximately 1.9 million spell fragments a year!
  6. Answered Chap18, Gate of Dimensions

    I had 6x welcome squares for the quest and then removed them all. I was using PPs for a while, but I have now built 3 new ones. 4 each of hubs, all fully upgraded. I had no room for the recent FA, but my FS were happy to do complete one path on each map and finish further down the results.
  7. Answered Chap18, Gate of Dimensions

    I'm not aware of a way to get a longer queue, so my GoD spends a decent chunk of time idle. I've taken to using the 1h and 2h time boosts from the spire to speed up production.
  8. Nice feature - Spire gate timer display

    When the spire is open it'll also change to showing if you have completed.
  9. You knew it was coming....

    Nooooooooooo! You've said we have too may relics. Inno will now find some utterly inexplicable way to leave us insufficient relics.
  10. Answered Chapter 18 merchant whY2K?

    The amount you can trade is based on your main hall level. With a level 41 main hall it raises to 2200.
  11. You knew it was coming....

    So the question is: Will I gain spell frags, CC, and RR sufficiently quickly to avoid frustration at not being able to upgrade my AWs? If not I'll stop playing.
  12. Answered Paying for research

    I may have forgotten to account for the ones I already had in the earlier calculation :oops:. The number is probably 130K :diamond:
  13. You knew it was coming....

    So from testing on Beta one week to live the next while ignoring the main point of most of the feedback?! :rolleyes:
  14. Answered Paying for research

    https://idavis-elvenar.com/guestRaces/teamspirit.html#research tells me that 3425 are needed. I'm in the same chapter, and the residences research is 4494 diamonds equating to 150. So a bit over 100K diamonds :eek:
  15. Splitting Dragon Abbey Spell bonuses

    As this is information from beta, I've put the impact it'll have to my DA in a post in the 'News from Beta - May Contain Spoilers' section: see https://en.forum.elvenar.com/index.php?threads/release-notes.18371/#post-116858
  16. Release Notes

    I've just worked out the impact this will have on my Dragon Abbey :mad: Currently my level 34 DA: 527 provinces * 45 AWP = 23715 mana per spell use If this change come to live, then it will be based on squad size: 4002 SS * 230% AWP = 9205 mana per spell use...
  17. Beta Fellowship Adventures

    Beta had this FA before Christmas. We're close to the end of the event that follows the FA there.
  18. Season of Secrets - a nice prize.

    I assumed this was a typo that never got corrected, but I was happy to collect them.
  19. Unurium production thoughts

    And the same for the Soul Lab.
  20. Season of Secrets - Discussion Thread

    During this FA, I got simple tools and bread on the same day. :confused elf: