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    We have room for some more players on our team. Why not give us a try and join us for the upcoming Fellowship Activity? Who knows, you might even decide to stay afterwards. Message me (Amerlan) MrBlueSky or Mollison if interested, just mention my forum post. By the way, we like to help new...
  2. Chapter migration for some accounts

    One of my team has built a town specifically for Spire attacks. I confess that I dont understand the logistics of that, however she believes her strategy will be destroyed by this forthcoming change. Is there anything I can tell her or do to reassure her? She has already said that she is likely...
  3. Spells Buildings currently in Spells ready to be placed.

    Using the app. I found searching the group name only returns one building.
  4. Spells Buildings currently in Spells ready to be placed.

    Just wondering if it may be possible to personally rearrange those building in order to group them how I want. For example, to place Forbidden Ruins buildings together in order to see, much easier, how many I have and which others are needed to complete a set. Or to group together military...