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  1. Shadow Mike

    Knowledge Sharing

    Same here.
  2. Shadow Mike

    Game Freezing Feedback.

    All good for me for the moment.
  3. Shadow Mike

    Version 1.150

    Same here. Can not access mail or see the notifications.
  4. Shadow Mike

    Player Movement - New Changes

    That would be nice indeed.
  5. Shadow Mike

    Question When will the new rune shard feature be available on Arendyll?

    This is really, really a good new feature :)
  6. Shadow Mike

    City movements

    For 6 years I have been in the same place until today. Yes relocation was activated in my settings but after all that time and a fairly active part of the map why relocate ??? Not to happy for the moment
  7. Shadow Mike

    Version 1.124

    Also at some point in time the devs will have ( I hope) to consider a way for us players to use those spell fragments that keep piling up.
  8. Shadow Mike

    Discussion Chapter 17 - The Traders of Unur

    I am at the middle of the chapter. I calculated that it will take me 16 years, 245 days and 33 minutes to finish the rest of the research. ;) ;);)
  9. Shadow Mike

    Discussion Winter Magic 2020

    I stopped when I got the quest to buy 16 kp... ;)
  10. Shadow Mike

    Thank you

    Thank you and all of you have a safe Christmas.
  11. Shadow Mike

    Discussion Chapter 16 - Embassies

    Ok. Thanks Killiak.
  12. Shadow Mike

    Discussion Chapter 16 - Embassies

    The new province expansion that you get after scouting 500 provinces is it available to all who scouted that number of provinces or it is linked to the new chapter ?
  13. Shadow Mike

    Answered Tournament rewards

    No rewards also here.
  14. Shadow Mike

    push accounts

    Inno created the problem when they allowed players to have 2 villages on the same server. Then things escalated from there and we are stuck with a mess that, in my opinion. is here to stay.
  15. Shadow Mike

    Mysterious Place of Friendship

    Lets never forget that if we are able to play this game for free it is because some players will spend money on it. Nothing is free in life ;)
  16. Shadow Mike

    Mysterious Place of Friendship

    When you go to the shop click on "package" and it will be there :. But I am playing this on a computer and not the mobile version.
  17. Shadow Mike

    Version 1.83

    Same here. Progress bar stops at 18/27 since the maintenance break.
  18. Shadow Mike

    Closed | Archived Game freezing

    Some members of our FS have reported the same problems.