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  1. Nane89

    Other Artifacts (swap or craft)

    Hello, I've been playing in 3 worlds and in all of them I find it difficult to collect all 9 artifacts needed to upgrade the event buildings if we don't play daily and actively. And it is also annoying to get extra artifacts for some buildings when we can't get enough for others. Could it...
  2. Nane89


    Hello, I am writing to you regarding the artifacts. Could you find a way to let us have the possibility to get enough artifacts for a building to actually evolve it until the last stage ? Until now you only gave us that possibility for the Gingerbread mansion. Regarding the 3 Phoenix and the...
  3. Nane89


    Hello, We still have some inactive players to replace. As we are now on the top 50 of the fellowships ranking we would like to replace our inactive players with some same level players so 100k minimum! Apply if you wanna join!
  4. Nane89

    Ker Coët fellowship seeking active players!

    Hello, We are still looking for friendly active players with a 10k+ score! Don't hesitate to apply or drop us a message!
  5. Nane89


    Hello, We are currently in the process of renewing our members. We are looking for active players, respectful and friendly that can visit their fellows few times a week and participate in tournaments/adventure to be able to get rewards that will be beneficial to the whole fellowship! If you...
  6. Nane89

    Ker Coët fellowship seeking active players!

    Hello, Ker Coët fellowship is looking for some active players. We are a multicultural fun fellowship, looking to stay as active as possible, so replacing some inactive players. We have some simple guidelines like respectful discussions, fair trades and weekly activity including participation...