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  1. Redberry

    User Interface More keyboard use instead of mouse also diamond usage to help fellows

    Suggestions from my team:- We are all pleased that you allow numerical clicks to choose which items are made in the manufactories, the barracks and the workshops. However, there are many other areas where the keyboard cannot be used and we have to use the mouse. One of these areas is in...
  2. Redberry

    Discussion News from Beta (may contain spoilers!)

    They also don't contribute to side quests asking you to spend KP. NOT good news
  3. Redberry

    Troops collecting for Guard Badge

    Why do the orcs produced in the armouries not count towards the badge?
  4. Redberry

    New Fields Fellowship

    We have one opening for a player interested in tournaments and adventures, active daily and happy to join in fellowship chat and help. Most of the fellowship have played together for several years so are very chatty and helpful. We are more interested in co-operation than following rules -...
  5. Redberry

    Let's talk Fellowships/Alliances - again........

    What would it matter? It's not a strategy game or a war game and I really can't see how it could give massive unfair advantage to anyone. Put some limits on it if you want, but higher than the general trade limits and there must be a way of limiting trades to fellowship members only.
  6. Redberry

    Let's talk Fellowships/Alliances - again........

    Great suggestions, they would make fellowships that much more meaningful. And on a different note - the new opening page is beautiful - a much better introduction to the game
  7. Redberry

    Version 1.39

    I totally agree with what has gone before - do you see one comment agreeing and approving the change? One of my fellows was visiting 150 neighbours plus the fellowship daily, another was getting 200k goods a day and is now down to 9990 - the developers must remember that they are here for the...
  8. Redberry

    Fellowship Adventures are here!

    We came top in Winyandor and we worked, no diamonds. I really can't see us putting that much effort in too often but it was fun and exhilarating whilst it lasted. It really bonded the fellowship but the prizes were a bit pathetic for all the input needed and the interrupted sleep that some...
  9. Redberry

    Splash of Awesome

    We're looking for active fellows, steel, crystal, silk and gems boosts most needed. We are chatty, friendly, helpful players from all time zones - come join us
  10. Redberry

    Version 1.34

    Everyone in my fellowship on Felyndral has the problem that all the unscouted provinces are maked as 'very hard' and the already scouted but not cleared ones have a red border. Is this a fault or are our troops still too weak (I am just finishing chapter 3and have scouted 8 provinces over for...
  11. Redberry

    Important Message about the Server Problems

    It was good for about 2 hours, now getting stream errors again
  12. Redberry

    Version 1.28

    There's a notice up saying it's fixed but I'm getting stream errors again every few clicks in en2 Wynyandor
  13. Redberry

    Version 1.28

    I think they should give the job of designing the opening page to someone whose hormones have steadied up a bit, she looks like she has curvature of the spine and that she is going to pop out of her corset at any moment. The graphics of the game are fantastic but the opening page isn't a good...
  14. Redberry

    New Fields are looking for an active player

    We're a friendly, very close knit, active group and need one similar minded fellow to join us, preferably with boosted silk. Fellows are from all over the world so there's usually someone on line to assist with trades, discussion and advice. Myself or Elvenbeast are the ones to contact.
  15. Redberry

    Closed | Archived Mountain Halls

    I have just built and the overview says that it boosts production but, when you open it, it says 'relic boost'. Which is correct, please?
  16. Redberry

    Other Awesome pop-up

    I know I'm awesome, I don't need reminding 500 times a day!
  17. Redberry

    Ancient Wonders Runes for Ancient Wonder

    At the moment I have 227 provinces explored and only 2 AWs (the ones available originally) researched - it's a complete and utter farce. And, to complete those 2 I had to pay with diamonds to get the final runes.
  18. Redberry

    Version 1.13

    I built the magic workshop and the production isn't registering for the 2 x bread, 10 x beverages task. I haven't tried on any other tasks.
  19. Redberry

    Ancient Wonders Runes for Ancient Wonder

    These new developments are almost making it impossible to progress. Rune shards, KP for research and ancient wonder development, granite mines needing granite and copper to upgrade, orcs to clear provinces, cleared provinces to get rune shards - never ending, less and less enjoyable, roundabout
  20. Redberry

    Wonder Packs offers

    As far as I am concerned, it isn't the runes that are the problem with Wonders, it's the frustration of not being able to get knowledge points in a reasonable period of time and still wanting to continue with the normal research tree. I may look at Secret Ancient Wonders when I've got my fairies...