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  1. Faster UI for building and selling many buildings of the same type

    The major tedium for me was not the 4 steps you outline, it was the fifth step you skipped… Wait 40s for the builder to become free. Some form of building queue where we pay the costs up front, and it automatically moves the builder on to the next building would be nice. Even if there is a time...
  2. Minor differences in the progress before Chapter VI.

    They claim it is about player retention. We aren’t entirely convinced. The on thing that is absolutely undeniable about the proposed changes is the end of chapter 4 fighting spire runner is no longer viable. Fixing the problem of the strange difficulty progression of the spire by simply...
  3. Minor differences in the progress before Chapter VI.

    These changes don’t feel like they are about beginning players at all. The “move the spire to chapter 5” looks like a bandaid solution to the fact there were some very sweet spots in chapters 3 and 4 for dedicated spire cities to camp and not advance. It is hardly a secret that some players...
  4. Changes to Spire Rewards

    I am going to second this point: I started in Dec 2020, and have Stage 10 Fire Phoenix and Brown Bear, and am collecting artifacts for a Polar Bear. I am concerned by the assumption prizes should be appealing to end-game, fully updated, veteran cities. Many of these cities are already packed...
  5. (server EN3) about FS and its replicated cities

    Strictly speaking this only prevents the invite being sent, it doesn’t prevent an application being sent and accepted…
  6. Optimal amount of expansions for a tournament and spire city

    I am curious about this common wisdom around only military wonders. Yes, all else being equal, wonder levels of any type raise the cost of completing tournament and spire encounters. That is an obvious first order consequence of the function minmax derived. However… if we place economy wonders...
  7. Dr who’s tardis

    I don’t think Dr Who has exclusive rights to the idea of something larger on the inside than the outside. Mary Poppins bag springs to mind as a prior art example, and I am sure there are vast numbers of others.
  8. Version 1.134

    This, I suspect. So much this. AW levels being a factor in so many other calculations makes it much harder to balance it sanely: if you remove the levels of teleported AWS, you get one problem. If you count the levels of AWs in the inventory, you get a different set of problems. Or you just...
  9. Heroe's Forge - For or Against Me?

    Well, it will if you have a required culture of around 1.1 million and are the third ranked player on the server… I suspect the 600 provinces required for 42k Orcs a week is going to be easier for most players in practice.
  10. Sorcerers' Homecoming event

    I would be wary of using the term pseudo-random the way you are here, as it is commonly used with a very specific meaning in computing to describe a sequence that is statistically indistinguishable to random to some level while in fact being completely deterministic if you know the starting...
  11. Leagues

    No it is not, sadly. A reasonable number of players in my fellowships are already giving up on the last set building. I pretty much have, which effectively kills interest in the boring event quests for me.
  12. Elvenar...You´ve got a real problem with Scrolls....

    That may be a by-product of the scrolls problem leading to scrolls players quitting. Which is why I am not convinced that a moderate marble surplus and smaller planks surplus is necessarily problematic: Look at how the resulting T1 values interact with the T2 values in terms of players boosts.
  13. Elvenar...You´ve got a real problem with Scrolls....

    In a horrible way, if the new set does disrupt T1 production, it may actually help the scrolls situation. A marble or planks surplus is equivalent to a steel shortage, and 66% of the steel boosts are also going to be scrolls boosted.
  14. What is the point of Squad Size upgrades these days ?

    You missed squad size increases the number of troops gained troop instants.
  15. Leagues

    My theory is the Amatuer league should be the top one, as it will be filled with people who pay to play, which is a common definition of amatuer...
  16. Army power

    The same argument could be applied to ELR and MMM: because you do more damage, you suffer less in return, and hence more of your units survive... Or you could say tougher units make for a stronger army, but not a larger army.
  17. Army power

    These are definitely army strength, in that they make your units tougher, so over several rounds of exchanging fire, you take less damage, and as a result inflict more. As a take it to extreme: infinite hit point units always win against finite hit points, so long as they possess some ability...
  18. Discussion News from Beta (may contain spoilers!)

    I have seen that recipe on en3.
  19. Version 1.130

    Adding evolving buildings that can’t be teleported doesn’t devalue the TP spell for me, it renders the evolvable prizes mostly worthless. Some of them have chapter independent effects good enough stiff the space. Most do not.
  20. Version 1.130

    There is little point in enhancing evolving buildings if we can’t teleport them, at least for me. My problem with evolving buildings is not they are useless now, at stage 10 they are at worst unexciting, and generally are ok. The problem I have is they are expensive to upgrade, and can’t be...