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  1. New round of Fellowship Adventures

    "This round of Fellowship Adventures ends on June 18th." This is four days longer than the usual FA, is this correct?
  2. Game doesn't load

    It's a relief to know that I am not the only person suffering this issue. Game hangs across multiple browsers (Firefox, Edge, Chrome) at the same point everyone has stated. Call logged. Just have to hope it is resolved before the Event ends.
  3. Forum Crowdsourced List of Season of Dreams Daily Quests

    And what does "Explore new villages in Sorcerer's Event" mean, exactly?
  4. Beta Fellowship Adventures

    Would it be possible to clarify the coin collection requirement by Main Hall level, or better yet, the maximum Main Hall level for each chapter as last time we had a few players in a specific chapter whose MH couldn't hold the specified coin collection amount for a badge.
  5. Discussion July 2022 Fellowship Adventure - Feedback

    Of the members in our group who have reported on Coin qty per badge, here are the figures. For most players, the percentage of MH qty to a Coin badge fluctuates between 40% to 54%. Putting aside the astonomical amounts of coins required depending on Player level, there has to be factors other...
  6. Closed | Archived Unable to change Resource Production - Echoes of the Forgotten

    When trying to switch production in the event bulding Echoes of the Forgotten, I get the pop-up saying "This will reset the production timer..." I click on Ok and nothing happens, the choice of confirming or cancelling remains until you click on Cancel. I have closed the browser, reset the...
  7. World Map Player Movement Changes

    I don't have an issue being moved so long as the players that I currently trade with are also moved and remain "discovered" on my map. There are quite a few who I both exchange neighbourly help & trade with regularly and who I actively worked toward linking up with because of the trading they...
  8. Filter list for Traders

    I also would like to be able to hide unfair trades. If you find the post relating to the bigger discussion, post a title of it to make it easier to join.
  9. Relics for Trade

    You could always have it set that Relics can only be traded within your fellowship and not to any player outside of it, kind of like an opposite to Sentient goods where you can trade with anyone who has them irrespective of whether you have discovered them on the map or not.