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  1. Petition: SAVE THE FORUM

    Diane 6213 +1
  2. Answered Stash Outpost

    Hmmm, now that's interesting. Maybe they can be stacked but the powers that be just don't want us to know. I very seldom buy them but maybe it might be worth the 13 bucks to find out. I'll have to give that some thought.
  3. Answered Stash Outpost

    Thanks Herodite, just got pretty much the same answer from support. Too bad, could have been a good investment for future Events. I seldom purchase them but when I do see something I would really like to have, I do. They are few and far between but would have been nice to buy some insurance...
  4. Answered Stash Outpost

    Just contacted support. Will see what they have to say.
  5. Answered Stash Outpost

    No, it goes into your inventory. You have to manually place it.
  6. Answered Stash Outpost

    So if I get one of these during this Event and don't use it, just leave it in my inventory, then it can't be used in a subsequent Event?
  7. Answered Stash Outpost

    Just wondering if anyone knows whether you can stack these buildings?
  8. Official Discord server arrives September 11th 2023!

    Another lurker here. I don't think I have posted anything since the change of format for the tournaments, but I come here to the Forums at least a couple times a week just to catch up on what's new and to get answers for things I can't get anywhere else. Would be a shame to lose this resource...
  9. Rise of the Phoenix Cult Questline BETA Event

    How long does the feeding effect last on the Ashen Phoenix?
  10. Beta Server

    Ha ha ha, now that's funny! An excellent way for developers to get feedback. Like they really cared about the tournament change feedback, not only on beta, but live worlds as well. So, how many people have quit the game, and how many have stopped growing their cities because because of that?
  11. Discussion News From Elvenar!

    Ya, last week was a bad week. I lost 2 really good (trades and NH) long time neighbours. The first 100% because of the tournament changes. The second was on the fence because of the tournament, but the shuffleboard, that did it for her. Nice to know that they read our feedback. What a waste...
  12. Communication I miss Game Announcements

    Now that is funny, you gave me a real nice chuckle this morning Silmaril, thank you for that. It sure didn't seem to bother anyone there about players being, "upset," about the tournament changes.
  13. Answered Mandatory Elementals quests

    JoJo, once you have completed the advanced scouts technology, all of the previous chapters story line quests become declineable.
  14. Discussion Upcoming Tournament Changes

    Ummmm, I don't remember seeing this many back to back. These diamond offers have been coming hot and heavy since before the current Event started. My opinion, this is the true reason why the "testing," has come to this server. And to follow up your earlier point, I too have noticed a dramatic...
  15. Discussion Upcoming Tournament Changes

    Well, I did it. After playing this game for well over 4 years and reading the Forums for nearly as long, I just had to break down and log on to the Forums so I could say my piece. I know it won't do any good, that is painfully obvious, but it will do me some good I think. So before I start...