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  1. Discussion News from Beta (may contain spoilers!)

    Just collected 252 CCs, earning 126 Druid's Staffs, 1 short of half the Druid Staffs needed for every Waypoint on all three Maps.
  2. Discussion News from Beta (may contain spoilers!)

    Good. I've been non-stop crafting Combining Catalysts without collecting since the last FA, and I've just recently run out of Inspiring Meditations.
  3. Answered What to do after a chapter?

    Noticed someone reacted to my early post, felt like a good time to add an update. Just had my 100-day buildings expire, so did a city rearrangement that I had planned weeks ahead of time. I've had Towers for several weeks, built out some guest roads, and had started to make some Breeding...
  4. Petition: SAVE THE FORUM

    Do it!
  5. Fawlty Towers

    Had not hit my limits. Was as @Herodite and @m4rt1n described. Not what I expected, but if that's what it is, well then...
  6. Fawlty Towers

    Chapter 19. I sold my old crop of Towers of Light and Dark yesterday morning. I built 8 new towers and upgraded 4 from Light to Dark, using Time Boosts. I boosted 7 Towers of Light so I could place the eighth Tower of Light and upgrade the 4 Towers of Dark with my 5 builders. Thus, when I...
  7. News from Beta (forum) about a new feature

    I believe those are two different player names, LobsterBlack and LobsterGrey.
  8. One Cauldron Sip

    Yup, that too...
  9. One Cauldron Sip

    Ahhhhh, then that's it.. vacationing, and I hadn't recently spired.
  10. One Cauldron Sip

    Cauldroned again this morning. Noticed this time that, from the beginning, I was being told that I would only be making one brew. I used to be making 5 brews. So, what could have changed to reduce the number of brews that I am allowed to make?
  11. Closed | Archived Smaller Combining Game Board

    I flipped screens about 8 times in order to be sure, myself...
  12. Announcement: Hide Building options in Browser version.

    If just to be able to click those pesky little street tiles the first time when rearranging the city, this is a godsend. I mean, I know there's one little square still hiding behind that building, I can see it when I temporarily shift that building, but then selecting it after I put that...
  13. Closed | Archived Smaller Combining Game Board

    Found a bug... You have provided graphical evidence that your Elf and Dwarf are playing an illegal version of the Dwarven Merge Game. Their board is 8x5, while the current official rules clearly state "The board shall consist of 24 squares, arranged in a 6x4 grid."
  14. Closed | Archived Season of (Unending) Triumph

    It's a Trap! Elves check in, but they can't check out. Season of Triumph window missing the closing X button, does not dismiss if clicked outside the window. Had to reload the tab.
  15. Question AW Research Finished Notification

    Legitimately couldn't remember, and couldn't be bothered trying to research
  16. Question AW Research Finished Notification

    I've been away for a few weeks, so it's new to me. I figured it was either that, or early-onset Alzheimer's.
  17. Question AW Research Finished Notification

    Has that been there for a while and I've never noticed? Or is this new?
  18. Early Inspiring Meditation finish?

    So, for the second time in 2 days (I think), the visual for the Inspiring Meditation was not showing (only 10 KP slots showing not 20). I go to cast my nightly Inspiring Meditation (which is not grayed out), and I am told I can't, that there is one still in effect. I reload, and the 20 slots...
  19. Answered Have forum competitions ended?

    I think the proper offering from Discord should be golden apples, no?