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  1. Proudfoot

    After FA

    Now that was a great game.
  2. Proudfoot

    3-word game

    a dim lit
  3. Proudfoot

    Unofficial Guinness Elvenar Records #2 - Cost of KP

    im only upto 1264k
  4. Proudfoot

    Question I Accidentally Sold Level 19 Gem Manufactury

    Unfortunately you wont get the building back as you can rebuild it from your inventory tab.
  5. Proudfoot

    What fresh hell is this???

    who's pullling high tourney scores not me thats for sure.
  6. Proudfoot

    What fresh hell is this???

    I hate to say it but i have never used any of my troop instances yet never needed to and if i was honest i forget they are even there.
  7. Proudfoot

    Question Travelling Merchant 2 or Silk Manufactory (unboosted)

    I have 2 of each merchant ii and they help keep my supplies topped up nicely as i get the crystals and magic dust even tho im in an active guild not everyone has supplies when u need them.
  8. Proudfoot

    Question diamonds

    Wishing well doesnt exist any more sadly
  9. Proudfoot

    Elvenar vs Real Life!!

    Personally id like the Watchful Winter Owl maybe train it to spot fish when out on the boat. Or when doing cosplay would make a great addition to my hogwarts outfit.
  10. Proudfoot

    Elven stats

    As Elvenstats is nothing at all to do with us here at Elvenar we cannot comment on why its not up to date or running correctly. If you need to we suggest you email them direct, to ask your questions.
  11. Proudfoot

    A Suite of expiring Weekend Automation buildings.

    @Sir Derf with respect, When the Fellowship Adventure was changed to end on a week day so devs were on hand if a problem arose, everyone complained because "everyones on during the weekend" so why would you want any auto buildings just for weekends when most are online anyway.
  12. Proudfoot

    Quests Impossible Event Quests

    You fight in the province but have the choice to fight or negotiate in the spire and that does count same as disenchanting Pet Food yes they work.
  13. Proudfoot

    Design an Event

    They do???? i thought most set the 1 day so when they come home from work the next evening its done
  14. Proudfoot

    Announcement New Forum Mod!

    welcome to the forum @Vanquish pull up a chair and get comfy
  15. Proudfoot

    CoffeeBreak Recruiting

    I always thought elves were green But then hobbit lives rule them all :)
  16. Proudfoot

    birds eye view

    exactly like that :D
  17. Proudfoot

    Announcement New Forum Moderator!

    Today it is my pleasure to introduce you to @Bappi, who has joined our team as a new Forum Moderator. From now on, you may see him both posting and answering on the forums. I'm so glad to be here and can't wait to know everyone!! Thanks!
  18. Proudfoot

    birds eye view

    @gathsdell You can already do this if you go to top right of your browser click the customize and go down to zoom which should be 100%, then you can zoom out until your at about 67% this will then allow you to see the whole city.... Just dont forget to zoom back to 100% once your finished.
  19. Proudfoot

    Matto's Intro

    welcome matt have fun being a part of the team.
  20. Proudfoot

    Hello Everyone

    hey Magajlo nice to hear your happy and looking for a fellowship but would be handy to know what area your in for people to find you. and offer you a slot on their teams