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  1. Bridge over canal

    I would like to cross the waterway to build workshops on the land that is blank. As I stated in my original post to utilize property on the other side of the canal .
  2. Bridge over canal

    In real life all waterways such as rivers and canals have bridges over them for people to get from one side to the other. In this game you have waterways but no way for people to go from one side to the other side. To put a path from one side to the other side you would need to make a special...
  3. Closed | Archived Can not Advance in the game

    I am at an impasse!! I need to upgrade my main hall to advance father in the game but the game will not let me upgrade my main hall. I have 174000 k in coin that is the max for this level. I click on the research Tab and go to the research. I go to the Rearranged Residence Tab and it says I...