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  1. ForFeanor'sSake RECRUITING.

    =AZWWuNhcvmKJ6GgnL8pcZst3T7iJkFTvyHzcD0VFyEjHzd3hDaWmrFyq65MmZieLwpHOxkbhQEXZn7HB9MG2awQpFOSMIAfEXnOx9fcOYD6biuGyFLuyOgTDztmZoqVydqI&__tn__=R]-R']Crystala Printy We are in EN2 Winyandor. We only have 4 members as of now we are not demanding but would like teamwork and commuication amounst...
  2. ForFeanor'sSake RECRUITING..

    We realize this is just a game,s so we are here to have fun and real life comes first. That being said, we would appreciate involvement with FA'S, tourney's ect. when you can. Etiquette is based on what you learned in kindergarten: Be kind, have fun, and use your words