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  1. kimkimkim

    An imbalance in the Force?

    Felyndral has 19 pages of such trades which also includes a glut of Genius Granule in addition to the Marvelous Marbles
  2. kimkimkim

    Answered Have forum competitions ended?

    and if they even make it through the Orcs chapter, they surely have Traders to deal with :p
  3. kimkimkim

    Make more use of Unurium and Ascended Goods

    you might want to rethink this when you reach chapter 21........all that extra unurium and ascended goods you have a hoarding gets depleted rather quickly in chapter 21......so for me personally, this is a no go, sorry
  4. kimkimkim

    A useless addition to wonders

    I felt the same way @Alcaro but was told that it was a good add-on because you can see future levels and determine if it was worth upgrading further
  5. kimkimkim

    Please help

    @SueH456* your second manifestation of air is being blocked by a bunch of roads........remove all the paths in between then you'll be able to connect it https://www.elvenarchitect.com/city/planner/69718f433998433e82b0741fd6199033/
  6. kimkimkim

    Answered Portal of the elements

    “Based on the required quests for the chapter, the full Settlement Layout will require: ♦ Portal ♦ 8 canals ♦ 3 Air Manifestations ♦ 3 Fire Manifestations ♦ 5 Earth Manifestations ♦ 4 Water Manifestations
  7. kimkimkim

    Answered Portal of the elements

    the portal must be touching a street.......the manifestation buildings must be touching a canal.....and at least 1 of the canals touching the portal
  8. kimkimkim

    Not a Bug AD Blocker

    this may not be a bug....your browser may have one built in....check your browser settings
  9. kimkimkim

    Moonstone library buff

    good point :) but I'm gonna gather a guess and say because it is a linked set that all benefits from it stays the same no matter what level it is.......or we would have many people asking why the combining catalyst doesn't increase too ;)
  10. kimkimkim

    The Season of Triumph

    Don't get too excited.... @OldHag needs the base, those are artifacts ;)
  11. kimkimkim

    Today's Song

    RIP Jimmy :(
  12. kimkimkim

    Dog Poo ???

    I don't get this when I click on the search bar.....maybe you're special @m4rt1n :p
  13. kimkimkim


    +1 from me.......can we also include sips of clarity with this request ;)
  14. kimkimkim

    Like it or not?

    I proposed this same question a few months back @OldHag and this is the response I received https://en.forum.elvenar.com/index.php?threads/yuletide-greetings-elvenar-devs-and-mods.17252/post-108149
  15. kimkimkim

    Answered Ancient Wonder Level Overview on Browser

    great feature.......BUT, I'm a little confused.....what does this level button show that the upgrade button doesn't besides any previous levels that have already been completed?
  16. kimkimkim

    Answered Ultimate Mater

  17. kimkimkim

    Answered Ultimate Mater

    you are correct....ultimate matter is received when you sell your level 4 Fortress of Revenge
  18. kimkimkim

    Refresh Button

    I suggest a refresh button for the dailies in the Seasons........the weeklies have one, therefore dailies should have one.........I suggest this because I presently have a quest to produce 7 loaves of bread and with the FA going on, I simply have no room for more workshops and whatever workshops...