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  1. Discussion Upcoming New Features!

    I am very happy with the changes with moonstone libraries! Thank you !
  2. Changing boosted goods for diamonds

    I meant: to change boosted good permanently. For example you have T2 boosted scrolls but want to have as boosted T2 silk. Because to have as boosted good scrolls in all three cities, is very unfair. I would like to change it even for diamonds :)
  3. Changing boosted goods for diamonds

    My idea is that every player should have one oportunity to change boosted good for diamonds. I have scrolls as boosted T2 in all three cities :) Just wanted to write down this idea in "ideas" section
  4. Question Scrolls as T2 boost

    Thank you Gargon667 and other players for your answers :) Now I know what to think about it.
  5. Question Scrolls as T2 boost

    I think there is even an easiest solution : Moonstone Library should give you only your T2 boost and not scrolls for everyone.
  6. Question Scrolls as T2 boost

    The other problem is that evolving buildings from events give T2 boost, it makes them useless if it scrolls. So maybe the best option is to abandon cities with scrolls as boost.
  7. Question Scrolls as T2 boost

    Thank you for the answer Pauly7.
  8. Question Scrolls as T2 boost

    What to do if you have scrolls as T2 boost? Currently am at 3 chapter. I am unlucky to have this boost, which is unsellable. My fellows from fellowship are trading this boost for 3 starts. I have read about endless scroll and that scrolls are the most unlucky boost to have. What to do? keep...
  9. Discussion Phoenix Love

    Thank you :)
  10. Discussion Phoenix Love

    Where i will find questions? where are they? When I click enter the competition there are no questions and there are still two hours to enter this competition.