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  1. Lelanya

    Are you an Iceni?

    Sad news for us, our long time friend, fellow and strategist has health issues and has retired from active play. We have room for 3 or 4, please write me in game :)
  2. Lelanya

    Fixed Quest #9 has morphed into ..

    :rolleyes: I reported it here because it first occurred here. Sure and if you want a quest to clear at 8 supplies, and won't listen to players, I guess I can't get in trouble for making sure that  all of my cities did enjoy this glitch.
  3. Lelanya

    Fixed Quest #9 has morphed into ..

    Lol It's  not a visual bug , otherwise why would two level 1 workshops clear a midsized supply quest? It has corrected on EN but struck on US and I am not the only person reporting it.
  4. Lelanya

    Fixed Quest #9 has morphed into ..

    No you don't understand. I've always had the Buy KP part of the quest. This is in reference to the Supply part. Today it only wants 14 supplies. Yesterday in my older cities, it wanted a good deal more Supplies. lol
  5. Lelanya

    Fixed Quest #9 has morphed into ..

    So I released my Prosperity Towers in that city and it cleared the quest. I had this up in another city, and released an Advanced Tools production in a level 1 workshop and it also cleared that portion of the quest.
  6. Lelanya

    Fixed Quest #9 has morphed into ..

    Houston we have a problem. My notes from Beta say, 44K at Woodelves level suggest that I should be seeing a request for about 69K in this city, but instead:
  7. Lelanya

    Autumn Zodiac Event

    You are welcome to check my Event Scroll about important links for the Autumn Zodiac here. You do not need an account to read the Forums, so enjoy :)
  8. Lelanya

    Gambling is evil, is addictive and destroys the lives of people.

    No. I have a mobile game and get the dumbest things, and also ones that I would never touch with a barge pole. I close those immediately. They're annoying enough that I limit myself to one game only. How can these be based on  my browsing history? And furthermore, that's  spyware in my...
  9. Lelanya

    Are you an Iceni?

    Ah we are seeking again. We have room for 3 or 4 players
  10. Lelanya

    New round of Fellowship Adventures.

    I have reissued and renamed the Gems Spreadsheet. Please make your own copy. Here is the link. Save this space, I will be adding more links to the correct areas of my Scrolls of Knowledge. Here is my general Guide; immediately below it, is a list of current badges. This is a summary of the...
  11. Lelanya

    Community Survey

    Nope mine does not scroll down.
  12. Lelanya

    Community Survey

    There are no buttons. I use Chrome and Edge for gaming.
  13. Lelanya

    Aqua Splendor

    Try crafting some relics, cycle the Magic Academy with the many sips of clarity you have collected in the supposedly 8 years since this game opened in latish 2015.
  14. Lelanya

    Community Survey

    There is a feedback survey in the in-game notice area, but it doesn't work past page 1. The notice says it will take no longer than 5 minutes but it has been stalled at least 15. Microsoft says that the owner has not provided a privacy statement and recommends against sharing personal or...
  15. Lelanya

    Fall event

    Beta has Announced the Fall event, Theater Zodiac, here, for an August 8th start. Read about it, and the new pet, the Star Serpent, the Tinlug. Karvest has linked his site in this post if you wish to view details on this exciting pet.
  16. Lelanya


    Maybe ask Google to get involved :rolleyes:
  17. Lelanya

    New Crafting Recipes

    No hubby here.
  18. Lelanya

    New Crafting Recipes

    Yes it's been literally ages, folks but there are new crafting recipes. We get the remaining three expiring troop boost buildings from the Tome of the Fearless: Light Melee Monument, Heavy Melee Shrine and Heavy Ranged Powerup And the expiring 1x1 culture buildings from the Queen Faeries'...
  19. Lelanya

    Question What's up with the sales department?

    Aha so - apparently this offer was a set time from the offer being launched. That's very interesting, it appears that the sales department was also downsized.
  20. Lelanya

    Elvenar bleeding into the Real World?

    According to the reporter who tried it - a guy from CBC Radio's The Homestretch - they weren't bad.