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  1. Strong fellowship

    Hi everyone..We are are Neart2..A strong fellowship starting to reach dizzy heights..over 700 points now achieved every week on the spire..10+ chests on the tournament weekly..KP swaps and we help and support each other..If you think you could fit in with us then your more than welcome..Starter...
  2. Upcoming Fellowship Adventure..

    Neart2 has 5 new places for new members ready for the start of the Adventures..If you want to be part of a really helpful group..who achieve 10+ chests every week and the silver on the spire come and give us a try..No pressure..New cities welcome and will get all the help they need to grow...
  3. Closed | Archived Trader not working right.

    Hi everyone..Can someone tell me why a member in my fellowship has to close and reopen their Trader for each trade they want to put on..Thankyou..
  4. Answered Tonights Scrolls tournament

  5. Answered Tonights Scrolls tournament

    Hi can anyone tell me the best troups to produce for tonight's tournament please..?
  6. Answered No buildings..?

    Problem solved..Thankyou everyone..
  7. Answered No buildings..?

    I cant use my event keys on my tablet either as there is nothing there for me to see for them.. It's all fine on my mobile phone..Its driving me crazy as my mobile phone screen is so tiny..
  8. Answered No buildings..?

    I have already done that with no luck..Thanks.
  9. Answered No buildings..?

    Hi..Thanks..tried that..
  10. Answered No buildings..?

    All my buildings have disappeared on all 3 cities on my tablet, except 1 tier tool boxes on Adrendall. The spire doesn't load properly either..Help please..
  11. We want you..

    Neart ( strength ) are recruiting..Looking for at least 5 or more strong, active players who like us stand shoulder to shoulder in battle and play.. Are you looking for a fellowship with members who have stuck together through thick and thin for the last few years..Guiding, aiding and helping...
  12. 12 New members needed for Neart. Or a small group merge.

    Hello all you small fellowships out there , need 13 active members .?..Drop me or our Archmage Philpus a line. We have a lot of places for daily players..We have 13 active members who alone can achieve the 10 chests in the tournament and silver in the spire each week. If your looking to become a...
  13. Are you looking for us..

    Neart2 is going from strength to strength so much that I have been comfortable about clearing several spaces for new members as many have been dormant too long..We get 10 chests, sometimes 11 in the tournament EVERY week..Silver in ths spire most weeks and have active kp threads..Very active KP...
  14. Question Lost my diamonds on the crafting

    Ok Thankyou for clearing that one up for me..Lesson learned me thinks
  15. Question Lost my diamonds on the crafting

    I used over 100 diamonds in my crafting on one of my cities , but didnt get them returned when I cancelled the craft..Do we loose them altogether when we do this.?
  16. Elvenar Addict

    I cant stop, I would go mad without it..My days would be so empty..
  17. Elvenar Addict

    Is this a good time to ask for more pet food in the crafting..?!..My poor animals are starving..