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  1. Autumn Goldleaf

    3-word game

    Of the greatest
  2. Autumn Goldleaf

    3-word game

    That connects us
  3. Autumn Goldleaf

    Question Sound levels of WORKSHOPS

    ...or, you could always turn down the sound on the device you are playing on... ;)
  4. Autumn Goldleaf

    Sort option for buildings in Spells Menu

    Hi, members of our Fellowship have mentioned that it would be good to be able to sort the buildings in the Spells Inventory by type rather than Chapter... I actually thought it might be really good to go even one step further, and have a drop down menu of sorting options? Maybe have a default...
  5. Autumn Goldleaf

    Fellowship Progression

    Hello all... As well as my main cities in Fellowships, I also have a tiny city that is not yet in a Fellowship. In that city I can collect points from neighbouring cities in the World Map. 20 from those who have helped me, 10 from those who haven't... The only thing is, I have no idea how to...
  6. Autumn Goldleaf

    'The Forbidden Ruins' questline event - started in Beta Jan 2022

    What was the topic? Oh yes... lol! Thankyou Jack Lyut for all the effort you put in to help us out.
  7. Autumn Goldleaf

    Autumn Zodiac Seasonal Event in Beta

    Did you build Triumph of the Tides? You can set that to produce Seeds...
  8. Autumn Goldleaf

    Question Permanently remove Ancient Wonders

    Sometimes they are handy to have in your Inventory, so that if you want to build a rune for another AW, you can use the runes for the unwanted ones to create shards, and when the 10 rune shards are full, you can go back to a Wonder you are trying to build and create a full rune for it... I do...
  9. Autumn Goldleaf

    Forum Competition: Pickle's Conundrum Curse.

    Just to clarify... These words are in English? Lol!
  10. Autumn Goldleaf

    Adventure Waypoint Locks

    Surely if it is asked for every Adventure, and some steps have been made to address the issue, then it IS something that should be taken further into consideration by the developers... Just because YOU think it's a waste of time, doesn't mean others don't enjoy the Adventures and want to...
  11. Autumn Goldleaf

    Adventure Waypoint Locks

    Hi all, while the path highlight is a step in the right direction, I think it would be even more helpful to introduce a way to either highlight or even better, lock individual points, so that valuable badges can't be accidentally added to the wrong points... This would be particularly helpful...
  12. Autumn Goldleaf

    3-word game

    Ancient magical Artifacts
  13. Autumn Goldleaf

    Other Gendered honorifics

    Has something been done? I noticed "My Brothers and Sisters" today... Although it kinda fits the brief, it lost its Awesomeness....
  14. Autumn Goldleaf

    Transparency button

    YES... and you can spot those stray streets and empty tiles... ♡♡♡ IT!!
  15. Autumn Goldleaf

    Cultural Buildings info

    My point is, that this info should be available IN GAME... At any time, not just while an Event is in progress...
  16. Autumn Goldleaf

    Leagues in Events?

    Ahhh.... but if the tree city had various rooms where you open the door in the trunk to go out to separate areas, you wouldn't have such a problem... imagine it... All your residences in one area... Workshops in another... Manufactories in another... Military in another... Culture in another...
  17. Autumn Goldleaf

    Cultural Buildings info

    HI Gurus, Would it be possible to add an 'i' button to upgradable Cultural buildings to open a table of what resources are given at all Chapters? At the moment all we can see is the next upgrades resources... I think this would be an invaluable tool for players wanting to know which buildings...
  18. Autumn Goldleaf

    3-word game

    Numbers of Magi
  19. Autumn Goldleaf

    Leagues in Events?

    All you need to do to get players to REALLY invest in the game is combine these ideas with a beautifully interactive growing tree as the city .... I would spend the rest of my life in there.... Add a few birds and butterflies, vines and flowers that get more lovely as you level up through the...