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  1. Stop the Map from moving during Tournament

    I think most of us even let others do the complaining for us :) (instead of bothering to post it and it getting ignored)
  2. The Cauldron

    I believe ( but dont know where or when anmore) some players were getting short on coins when endtech, and were asking for an increase of those. And the reply from inno was: according to our game data, everyone always has an abundance of coins, its the only resource everyone got too much of. I...
  3. The Cauldron

    no we won't, people just think it will be easier to get the coin badges if you have the buff up, but honestly, the cauldron coin effect is ignorable small. You are much better off by just putting some spells on your buffed culture buildings to get a higher culture boost.
  4. The Cauldron

    Im past the brewing phase so can't really check anymore for you. but i think its like this: if you add ingredient 1 with give you 5% chance hp boost, and then you add an ingredient B that doesnt even have that boost, then your 5% chance gets divided by 2: to 2,5% However if you add ingredient B...
  5. The Cauldron

    I actually think its gross inno allows us to put orcs in a kettle.... feels like a genocide.
  6. Answered Chapter 16 quests and chapter 17 seeds questions

    I'm not sure which one chapter 16 exactly is. But you can find all quests from dwarves up at idavis his site. for example: https://idavis-elvenar.com/guestRaces/elvenar.html
  7. Closed | Contact Support Lighthouse of Good Neighborhood Mana bonus not displayed for Wise Golem

    thats because the building doesnt produce mana, and therefore doesnt get a bonus of it?
  8. Chapter 20 - The Power of Music

    yes indeed, its a very fast chapter, the only problem is, its a very long wait now till new chapter, even longer for those who pushed production. I fear many of those won't even make it to the new chapter and will have quit by then because of nothing meaningfull to do.
  9. 20% Price Increase

    me personally i dont care about the price increase, as i wont ever buy them anyway. Its very expensive to buy them (100$ for some virtual currency? lol) and everything ingame costs too much diamonds as well. (100+$ for 1 expansion?) For me it feels like you would try to buy gold from a king :)...
  10. 20% Price Increase

    no, its apple and google and amazon that want to get a % of sales, even though they did no work for it. Its not that inno gets more money out of it, so why would they give more away? Its the same issue that was the cause of the lawsuit of epicgames and apple. So thats why they also suggest to...
  11. 20% Price Increase

    let me correct this: For players purchasing on the browser, there is no increase YET. as far as I get from the announcement, its going up for browser as well, just at a later time
  12. The Wholesaler

    I support this question, I run into it too from time to time. Although i dont find your max cap a convenient number, I'd rather have it a little under the max :) Btw, if you havent done it yet, you should add a valorian seal tower to your wonders, and you'll never have unurium problems again :)
  13. New City Expansions!

    I wouldn't use the word soon for it, since I'm pretty sure it will take more then a year before you can unlock all remaining expansions. I'm assuming what you meant to say is: 2 more research expansions will become available soon...
  14. Ancient wonders points from other fellowships

    so what exactly is your suggestion/idea? I can reply based on what others are replying but not sure thats on topic. I personally love it when a stranger gives me free kp in one of my ancient wonders, they will hardly ever get away with a profit tho since i just let others donate more kp then...
  15. Elvenar Recipe Competition!

    everything that is used to create something else in the game is an ingredient. For example Orc Dung, poison arrows or even wizard apprentices or fully schooled necromancers, could be an ingredient.
  16. Elvenar Recipe Competition!

    too bad, as an inno employee, you are not eligible to win any prize :)
  17. Question Fellowship Member Player Scores

    just keep your mouse above their score, and you will get a popup witch tells you exactly how they are calculated
  18. Dawn of the Phoenix

    i used to do the: always go for cheapest chest as well in the past. but havent done that in a while now, now sure if its better, depends on how much the cheapest one is and what feathers it gives. The main problem about unpredicability isnt in my opinion what you get as payback and what not...
  19. Dawn of the Phoenix

    maybe the devs get a newsletter that gives them that much essence, that is, if they re lucky enough that inno didnt ban their emailadress for some reason :)
  20. New round of Fellowship Adventures

    It is not a good thing. It was actually like that at the very start of FA. But some fellowships ended up doing just enough to get the position they wanted, and then saved everything up for the next FA, making them unbeatable with the amount of saves they had. Meaning an unfair competition and...