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  1. Cheryn

    It's quiet...too quiet.

    Interesting advice on blockages. I don't play with MONEY, and I do play daily and often. I know I made a least one or two serious mistakes, just not exactly sure where. So as previously suggested (not by you, I'm thinking) ....I'm just WAITING for the dam to burst and the goblins to die.
  2. Cheryn

    How can we make the forum more attractive?

    I have actually been an acomplice in one of those verbal wars and do sincerely apologize. I don't want freebies from the game, but I would be particularly interested in "helps," "outs," or "fixes" to a major mistake I have made in game play. Welcome to my AMERICA! Don't come here right now...
  3. Cheryn

    It's quiet...too quiet.

    Inno has gone to their max to make sure we cannot play forward in a fun, somewhat challenging and advancing game. They want us to be STUCK! They want us FROZEN. My question is, for how long and WHERE and WHY do they pick these points? I personally don't want to give my game up, but I've come to...
  4. Cheryn

    SHELL COTTAGE seeking right members.

    Herodite>Tinworth? If the shoe fits. Did I embellish? Everyone bumps their resume!:cool:
  5. Cheryn

    3-word game

    made me want
  6. Cheryn

    Oh right, a title.....lol

    It's what SAILOR JERRY, about 50% loud alcohol will do for ya when you feel bad for yourself! ;) Better mixed with ginger!
  7. Cheryn


    Would you consider a merge with OURS??? Bet we could make room for very active members. Contact Saphira or Cheryn at SHELL COTTAGE (Love you always, Kimkimkim)
  8. Cheryn

    SHELL COTTAGE seeking right members.

    We are a 8-10 chest fellowship (Shell Cottage, look up) looking for the right members to help the GROUP forward and get that 10 every week AND help YOU in the process! We need ACTIVE players that have GEMS as a boost! We are not so chatty, but a few of us are very happy to, like ME! All our...
  9. Cheryn

    Remove gender question in forum profile details

    I have no problem with removing it or it being there. However, the game does belong to Inno and they can ask what they want and DO offer an option of no response (or whatever it is). Just click no response. Leave it alone! Why do you care so much? I'm very sure it wasn't Innogames that blew your...
  10. Cheryn

    Idea for a Fellowship Community Centre Building

    Well, you have to get your fellows to chat FIRST. That's easier said than done. Once you do get them talking to each other, .... there is no reason for a town hall...you have a CHATBOX! I don't know for sure, but I do believe that chattier FSs have MUCH higher scores than the non-chatty. Just MHO.
  11. Cheryn

    We need a new type of scout

    When I win the lottery...I'm giving all my friends and fellows and good mates here FREE DIAMONDS! "wish of wishes";)
  12. Cheryn

    Close Forums/Wiki window when link is clicked.

    So easy just to click it shut! Although, it is annoying when you go back to your game to see if your collection is ready.
  13. Cheryn

    We need a new type of scout

    I could not agree with this statement more! Ridiculous quest wording is a HUGE problem in this game! And as above--an encounter should be an encounter, no matter WHERE it takes place! Some cost us more, some cost less, but all COST us!
  14. Cheryn

    Question How do i build a gate to other towns

    Hahaha! I think they have us running in enough circles right now, thank you! However....., we could pillage and plunder with gates to other worlds???? Nah!
  15. Cheryn

    Closed | Archived Goods amount doesn't match

    Oooooooooh! See, you warned me and now I know. ;)
  16. Cheryn

    Closed | Archived Goods amount doesn't match

    HAHAHA! catch me if you can darlin' :p
  17. Cheryn

    CAN WE BE FRANK? (Dream Sequence Here)

    It's ok, I wanted to feel the pulse out here. Sorry if my daydreams are too huge! I love you all! Wish I had another $600 bucks a month to live on! That would be awesome. I'd give 1/2 to anyone who needed it more than me. :)
  18. Cheryn

    New Game Features Announcement of Chatbox or Member Enter

    I give up! My sounds are muted too, except for bah-h-hing dream sheep. ;)