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  1. SkyRider99

    Answered Magic Academy & Superior Elixir

    Thank you also for your kind and helpful messages @Fernlee. Keep checking the forum for other great info, and feel free to post again. :)
  2. SkyRider99

    Question 75-day Season of Dreams, 10 or 11 weeks of Weekly Quests?

    The all-pervasive RNG. Just when you think it's safe to go back into the water ..... :oops:
  3. SkyRider99

    Elvenar Screensavers

    A quest worthy of your noble talents @Herodite. May dragons retreat from your path, and your road be firm and fair. :)
  4. SkyRider99

    Elvenar Screensavers

    I just saw your post today @C-Nymph. I am also unsure if we are able to post content of this nature. In the apparent absence of prohibition though, perhaps you could share one of your screen shots and see if the gods approve. :) Thanks
  5. SkyRider99

    Fellowships - struggling to find active players

    An Archmage's work is never done! :) Work, work, work!
  6. SkyRider99

    Answered The Best Ancient Wonders To Have

    Maze of Dark Matter, Golden Abyss, Mountain Halls, Sunset Towers, Simia Sapiens, Blooming Trader Guild, are my favourites. But that is just me. I have found that some seemingly minor AWs improve greatly with upgrades and progression through the Research chapters...
  7. SkyRider99

    Discord group?

    I chat, therefore I am.
  8. SkyRider99

    More Atmospheric Effects

    Ahh. I was forgetting about that @C-Nymph. I retract my previous wish and request store-credit for future usage. ;)
  9. SkyRider99

    Oh Goddess, oh Goddess. Wherefore art thou Goddess?

    I like the chocolates that have an index card, or a picture of all the chocolates inside the lid. :) I prefer system and order to chaos. :p
  10. SkyRider99

    Oh Goddess, oh Goddess. Wherefore art thou Goddess?

    I think I have come to realise why the building is called, 'Goddess of Wishes'. It is because it makes one wish for more useful/valuable daily productions! ;) Disenchanting the miserable thing gets a few spell fragments though.
  11. SkyRider99

    Wonder Women?

    That's a yes from himself over here. :rolleyes:
  12. SkyRider99

    The Great Excavation

    You're a good man @Jake65. To find something magnanimous to say about the event takes real strength of character. :cool:
  13. SkyRider99

    The Great Excavation

    Cheers @Kimelve. I was trying to think of a nice way to take a dump on this latest event, but you have summed it up for me! :)
  14. SkyRider99


    Your efforts are legendary mate! Keep 'em coming. :)
  15. SkyRider99


    You have many wonderful and delightful times ahead @Alwino. (Build, produce, upgrade) ;)
  16. SkyRider99

    Cauldron Recipes

    Nah! I am green with envy, and jealous as heck!!
  17. SkyRider99

    Cauldron Recipes

    I will try not to be jealous! :p
  18. SkyRider99


    Time for another round of drinks then. Anybody for strawberry beer? :)
  19. SkyRider99

    Search function (or filter) for Summonings

    Nice thought @SpaceCowboy. I suspect you have two chances of that. Buckley's and none. :)
  20. SkyRider99

    Night Elves, Arendyll - a great place to be.

    2023 will be another fun year for Night Elves fellowship. Come and join us. :) There are four (4) vacancies, so bring a friend who also likes to play and be part of a friendly and genuine group. Regards, SkyRider99 ArchMage