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  1. Question Trades

    found me a FS :)
  2. Question Trades

    i did, not sure if i used the right categorie tho...
  3. Early Christmas Present.

    hi, i've started a new city here and looking for a FS who is fun to play in. I'm growing quiet fast tho at the moment my city is isolated and trader does not show trades... i'm planning to make this city great for help with FA and able to do nice number of tournaments asap. without any help (...
  4. Question Trades

    and i tried Ctrl + F5 without succes
  5. Question Trades

    i did set some trades, but none is taken so far
  6. Question Trades

    and all my neighbouroughs seems fled from their lands... none alive of those i can visit...
  7. Question Trades

    i got a city on Felyndral and was glad to finaly got the trader.... but when i look at it there are no trades found... realy none... and still waiting for acceptance of a FS... any suggestions how i can get other goods (wholesaler is a thief)
  8. i'm a rather new active player and looking for other fs

    my name in game is Elibe and how can i find Mayhem Tavern?
  9. i'm a rather new active player and looking for other fs

    i'm playing here since 11/11 now and enjoy the game, but i seem to be in a wrong fellowship. i will be lvl 4 before xmass i guess and i got planks, silk and dust boosted. The fellowhip i am in at the moment seems to be one who has already enough of those so i can not get the stuff needed to grow...
  10. Winter Magic Forum Competition

    the uploaded file is to large...
  11. Question Phoenix Artifacts

    just here a bit more then a month now and got a few things from the moonstone library set from the spire now... will they become "useless" then or will the set be back later?