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  1. Version 1.171

    The attempted 'fix' for giving people extra diamonds was definitely a bug. o_O
  2. The Great Excavation

    Same here
  3. Secrets of Alchemy

    I've got 43 to go - so on track to complete with a day to spare, unless I win a bunch more even currency from the beacons. I've not got a stash outpost and I did not get the email.
  4. Answered Cauldron Research changed?

    I decided to take a research break on getting to the end of chapter 14. It looks like I'll be stopping here a while longer. :rolleyes:
  5. Season of Dreams

    How does one know which tech tree you have? My Beta City has differences in the tech tree to my Live City, but there is also the Human vs. Elf difference. However, I think it is still the old tech tree. My Beta City is not a great indicator - my progress has been to mid-chapter 3 in six months...
  6. Season of Dreams

    They are only available if you have purchased the Season Pass.
  7. Secrets of Alchemy

    Add me to the list of people who have not received it, but have received the emails for the last few events.
  8. Season of Dreams

    I partially disagree here. Two good points for early chapter cities: Access to troops you cannot train More current chapter buildings to replace previous chapter ones - helpful as early chapter cities progress through chapters more quickly I'm not sure if those points make up for the loss in...
  9. Season of Dreams

    It is 40 petals per reward to begin with, but the number of petals between rewards increases a few times.
  10. After FA

    For the previous FA to the one we just had my fellowship were top-20 for the first time and got bronze guards (2x1 culture building) as a reward. For a few hours I had this placed in the centre of the space opened up post FA cleanup.
  11. New round of Fellowship Adventures

    For my main, chapter 14 city, it is about 75% of a badge per 3 hour production for my 6 manus with MMs applied (at 87.5% with a level 21 ETC). For my chapter 3 city, in the beta world, I finished the last FA there with > 50 bracelets unused. My five manus there, at 350% relic boost, and without...
  12. Closed | Contact Support Gum Tree and Mana Plant total production counts

    There is something wrong here. It might be something that is not going to be fixed, and I understand why that might be so, but it is wrong. However, to further add to my confusion (and I've not managed to get a screenshot of this): I get 79 magic dust and not 78.
  13. How do I make space for 16 ports please?

    I really liked the Constructs graphics and the whole look of the settlement. However, I found doing the chapter boring. So much so that I've stopped researching for a while.
  14. Closed | Contact Support Gum Tree and Mana Plant total production counts

    The total counts (for base production plus the two connection set bonus) for the Gum Tree and Mana Plant are incorrect. They are off by 1. Gum Tree - Chapter 14 - Elven Tree Gum 350+263+438 = 1051 Total show 1050 Image attached Mana Plant - Chapter 14 - Mana 1150+863+1438 = 3451 Total shown...
  15. Answered How do you get such high FA scores?

    The issue is how would one determine it is one person with the multiple accounts and not multiple people in the same household with an account each? Not everyone plays the game for the same reasons. I have two cities (in different worlds) and one of these is in chapter 3 and I have no intention...
  16. New round of Fellowship Adventures

    With the Thursday start, the FA also overlapped with 2 Spires. A little less than a day and a half for the first (FA start to Spire closing) one and three and a bit days for the second (Spire opening to FA ending).
  17. New round of Fellowship Adventures

    If it runs Tuesday to Monday then it will only overlap with one tournament instead of two.
  18. Answered Spire rewards: Fairy Queen vs Triumph of the Tides artifacts

    If I've not misunderstood https://en.forum.elvenar.com/index.php?threads/rewards-for-spire-of-eternity.16599/#post-106628 then the artifacts were changing for the current spire from fairy queen to Triumph of the Tides. However, one of my FS mentioned winning a fairy queen artifact this week...
  19. Answered Announcement re 24d Spire of Eternity?

    Spire notification has reappeared on PC for me and is showing 1d 3h on both that and android app now.
  20. Answered What level do you need to be?

    The Spire is available after completing the Advanced Scouts at the start of chapter 3.