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  1. MinMax Gamer

    (Posting third party links is now allowed) About posting 3rd Party Links.

    Aww, how did I miss this entire thing? Internet without linking to other sites because one can't control all of them? The opportunities for caustic commentary would be endless!
  2. MinMax Gamer

    Question tome of sercetes

    Not if someone is pushing. ToS might be a way to convert KP/AWKP in other accounts into straight up KPs in the master. Not an endorsement.
  3. MinMax Gamer

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures coming again - with changes!

    There is no difference with provinces available vs the old tournament. IIRC some people managed to clear 35K+ points under the new system.
  4. MinMax Gamer

    Update Discussion Discussion: New Spìre of Eternity rewards.

    You're got 6+ artifacts from a single Spire? This sounds incredibly high.
  5. MinMax Gamer

    Update Discussion Discussion: New Spìre of Eternity rewards.

    Average is about 5.5, so you're right on the money here.
  6. MinMax Gamer

    Tournament Changes

    That's what I meant as well. You will be facing 3* units in provinces 10+ (regardless if you have them or not), and 2* or less at a numbers disadvantage vs 3* is not going to be feasible.
  7. MinMax Gamer

    Tournament Changes

    If you don't have access to all the units, and you don't have tons of boosts (AWs and temporary), you simply won't be fighting 20+ provinces on a consistent basis, 5 enemy types or not. That's just not in the cards.
  8. MinMax Gamer

    Update Discussion Discussion: New Spìre of Eternity rewards.

    But there is really no good reason to, unless you have absolutely no other (better) reasons to use RRs. That's quite unlikely. I am done with Chapter 17, and my Fire Phoenix is still Chapter 8. Dumping quite a bit of RRs for upgrades would give me a tiny bit of pop/culture/coins/supplies, all of...
  9. MinMax Gamer

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures coming again - with changes!

    Lava Codex is basically the best base culture building in the game, at least on a per-square basis. Great for ramping up that culture bonus when you don't need remaining space for anything else.
  10. MinMax Gamer

    Tournament Changes

    I am talking about same city, same tournament progress, same boosters. Otherwise, of course you can dump 10x DAs on Dust and nothing on Marble, and Marble will be harder.
  11. MinMax Gamer

    Tournament Changes

    Overgeneralization - while Dust might be the toughest tournament in the current setup, Gems is one of the easiest (probably second easiest after Marble).
  12. MinMax Gamer

    Goods imbalances

    Not in the last chapters.
  13. MinMax Gamer

    I’m NEW and finding this game very slow

    This game IS slow.
  14. MinMax Gamer

    Closing down a second world

    Only if you use the same account for both worlds.
  15. MinMax Gamer

    New Year-2021

    I see it very differently. Don't know about EN, but on US servers the exodus of high level players continues. Just yesterday another 2mm+ player (#2 on one of the servers) left the game for good, citing game changes from tournaments, dreadful chapter 17, inability to play on older hardware...
  16. MinMax Gamer

    Discussion Winter Magic 2020

    If you could make a farm of these, then it would make some sense. As a single building, it is utterly inconsequential.
  17. MinMax Gamer

    Discussion Winter Magic 2020

    For Chapter 17 it is - 35 diamonds @ 5% - 3KP @ 9% - 1,800 gems @ 12% - 1,800 elixir @ 12% - 1,800 dust @ 12% - 10,900 supplies @ 25% - 109,000 coins @ 25%
  18. MinMax Gamer

    Discussion Chapter 17 - The Traders of Unur

    Yeah, I can tell that you haven't played these chapters. Chapter 16 is nothing comparing to the mind-numbing drudgery of months of 15min productions of Chapter 17...
  19. MinMax Gamer

    Moonstone Library Scrolls

    This is not a lore-heavy game. Just look at quest lines for the events - there is usually no connection between quest text and the requirements. Or the mana plants/sawmills/etc not producing mana before Woodelves, despite what the name says. They can just change the output and not change...
  20. MinMax Gamer

    Discussion Winter Magic 2020

    Indeed. I still have 20x Father Tree of Candy Canes in the inventory from a chapter down, and now I have 15x Goblin Shops with the same dimensions for the current chapter. No need to upgrade any of these, unless you get some truly exceptional buildings.