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  1. My Own Personal Thank You....

    15k tournament average and 4.5 million power city is not a joke. Great job thornrex.
  2. The Cauldron

    Yes yes. That’s the RNG within the RNG
  3. Trade Grubs

    Just ignore them… and there’s enough market to get them at straight prices.
  4. Spells New time instant

    +1. When you have (say) 60 ships in chapter 17… and missed something by 15 mins… 1 universal spell is much better than clicking 60 ships (180 clicks ?)
  5. The Cauldron

    By the way are you talking about the RNG or the rng within the rng (spell fragments dependence) PS : I did read the beta and enjoyed your posts. Keep writing… you have a style :)
  6. The Cauldron

    Okay. Now I’m interested to visit the forums more often… at least until the forum community fall into silence eventually, after the initial blowout looking at the inevitability… Probably the company banks on it…
  7. New Game Features A resource that grows and is toxic

    But yeah. The original idea of toxic growth is a simulation of the actual world. We are increasing our carbon footprint… and we have to do something to keep it in check…
  8. New Game Features A resource that grows and is toxic

    And a set building that gives unurium…
  9. My Own Personal Thank You....

    All that guy tried to do was to wish us a great year ahead… :”D
  10. Secret of Alchemy - BETA

    Every year, sorcerer apprentices go on a long journey in order to close perilous crevices and gain knowledge. They are guided by Sorcerer Zaphiel on this pilgrimage. All sorcerers, regardless of their rank, were lured astray from the main group on their previous pilgrimage by a mysterious...
  11. New Game Features A resource that grows and is toxic

    How about an Aw in chapter 21… that decreases spire and tournament squad size… and the corresponding catering costs… (Yes. Chapter 21 is under preparation… from a mod in beta)
  12. My Own Personal Thank You....

    Pun intended. Don’t act shocked… :) And happy new year to you too
  13. Ho! Ho! Ho!

    Thanks guys. Really wonderful to see wonderful people
  14. Beta Fellowship Adventures

    Oh I still think it’s some stupid error… probably those guys went on their winter holidays making you (beta) guys do their work for them… I don’t think something as trivial as reduction can be misunderstood by the team… or could they ?
  15. Tournaments landscapes

    This issue is raised periodically for several years… when we were little cities. And now by newer players. Yes, we all want it… So please do it…
  16. Beta Fellowship Adventures

    Oh I’m sure it’s a rather trivial error. A + instead of a minus somewhere… in their equations. Should be normal on live. And yea, too many stuff introduced too quickly. Will diffuse feedback when it all hits live… too many holes to vent out the steam… But thanks to you guys in beta… we know...
  17. Please provide duration information for feeding effects

    +1 We all have become so good that all we are asking for is better tooltips providing information. No change in game dynamics = easy to implement… so do pass on the development team… (Dedicated players like derf are doing what should be readily available) And it’s not exactly best to have a...
  18. Beta Fellowship Adventures

    Read your + others’ post in beta. Quite fiery. Glad things settled down.
  19. Winter Magic Event

    A good fraction of the players login twice a day. I guess this kind of design, is apt for that kind of clientele… (people who travel a lot, people who are very occupied by their jobs etc)
  20. Time to say Goodbye

    Sad indeed but I would love to see you hale and healthy and in your finest spirits. The road is open and waiting for you…Towards a more fruitful life. We are extremely grateful for what you have done for us, but I do nudge you on, knowing/understanding that’s probably the best thing for you to do…