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  1. axelbloodaxe

    Closed | Contact Support mail system has problems

    The mail system displays some of my mail but keeps freezing trying to load the rest
  2. axelbloodaxe

    An opportunity to join our winning team

    March week 4 #1 in the Tourney, all 19 chests, Spire gold - 22 players. We do it better.
  3. axelbloodaxe

    An opportunity to join our winning team

    March week 3. We were the only team to take Spire gold and all 19 chests on EN2-Winyandor. We may be slightly bonkerso_O - it seems to help - but we remain one of the top 10 scoring Fellowships in the World - with only 23 players. What are you waiting for ?
  4. axelbloodaxe

    An opportunity to join our winning team

    Please be aware that our team-driven approach is not for everyone:
  5. axelbloodaxe

    Ancient Wonders AWs as a list

    Would it be possible to display a list of my AWs, in the same way I can view everybody else's. In heavy KP trading, it would make life much easier :)
  6. axelbloodaxe

    Bears and Phoenix

    I'm constantly reminded that players who started their game recently are at a significant disadvantage in any kind of fighting - map expansion, Tournament and Spire - and with a knock-on effect on most Events. Could we please give them an opportunity to get Fire Phoenix, Brown and Polar Bears...
  7. axelbloodaxe

    Very Active Fighters required

    If you like the view from the top of the spire and a desire to turn your respectable Tournament record into something WOW! Consider: We're a Team. We have mages because the game structure requires it but the driving force is the Team. We're friendly - chat is LOL. Our one rule - Respect -...
  8. axelbloodaxe

    Very Active Fighters required

    We just won all 19 chests in every one of the last 9 Tournaments - and we're still looking for very active fighters to join with us.
  9. axelbloodaxe

    (server EN3) about FS and its replicated cities

    To be clear @Silmaril: No two players in a FS may share the same IP address ? Families with the same IP address may all play but in different FSs ?
  10. axelbloodaxe

    Fellowship Adventure

    You need a Team where there's a high degree of respect for other members - and then most of the problems go away... ...and that's the AM's holy grail.
  11. axelbloodaxe

    FA incentives/rewards

    The FA is the only 'real time' team contest on Elvenar and emotionally, that's of great appeal to many players. Rationally, the rewards do not compensate for the effort involved and that puts many players off. Changing the rewards to encourage as many players as possible seems like an obvious...
  12. axelbloodaxe

    Very Active Fighters required

    All the chests with 24 of us - no shenanigans, just doing what we do best :D
  13. axelbloodaxe

    Very Active Fighters required

    Twiggy :cool:
  14. axelbloodaxe

    Very Active Fighters required

    We all reach the spire top, we regularly take all the extra chests and top the Tournament Table. We are all very active players, spread across the world so we buzz 24/7. We need no rules other than respect for the FS and it's members. We are looking for players like us - main city, very...
  15. axelbloodaxe

    Question Large ships in CH17

    Thanks FieryArien - I couldn't find any info either :)
  16. axelbloodaxe

    Question Large ships in CH17

    Specifically, what resources does the Large Pirate Ship require to produce Luxuries ?
  17. axelbloodaxe

    Question Large ships in CH17

    What resources are used by Large ships to create settlement resources ?
  18. axelbloodaxe

    Autumn Zodiac Seasonal Event in Beta

    Many thanks - and to your cohorts - for creating the google sheets - works like a charm :)
  19. axelbloodaxe

    Are you a Player ?

    Spire Owls is looking for active chatty players with a solid Spire and Tournament record and a sense of humour. Contact @Larrary (Pacific) or @axelbloodaxe (Atlantic).
  20. axelbloodaxe

    About push accounts...

    I agree, it's possible. However a brief check of Elvenstats will reveal whether that is the case or not.