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  1. Season of Dreams

    7:38 hrs till new quests is what I see on the countdown. But I finished these my yesterday morning so I expected new this morning. Regardless of when midnight happens on the sever (and I'm in Eastern Time zone so I know about the time difference), it's like more than 24hrs is happening between...
  2. Season of Dreams

    Where are todays daily quests? There's nothing listed except for yesterdays completed quests.
  3. Unofficial Guinness Elvenar Records #3.5 - Furthest Neighbor

    The arrow is direction and the number is distance, and I've got several neighbors that have the same numbers with arrows pointing in different directions. Since fellowship members can come from anywhere, distance can be pretty far away. In terms of counting neighbors, I check how many pages of...
  4. Chapter 20 - The Power of Music

    My portal stayed at level 2 for a long time and I kept making ensembles and storing them in inventory until I had a total of 18. I used up a lot of portal profits. Then I stored some factories for room to maneuver, brought out the ensembles and things moved fairly quickly after that. One thing...
  5. Mischievous Therapy

    Wow. It's been a long time since Wishing Wells last came up as an offering.
  6. Unofficial Guinness Elvenar Records #1 - Armories

    I used up so much of everything in finishing Chap 20. Seeds, orcs, mana were all running low, getting more expensive to negotiate with, I need to use that stuff more for upgrading AWs to the higher levels anyway. I need to fight a bit more and negotiate a bit less. I'll see how this works out...
  7. Unofficial Guinness Elvenar Records #1 - Armories

    I finished Chap 20. I've got 15 level 42 Armories
  8. End Game strategies...

    I just finished Chap 20. I'm on a mission to grow all the AWs till they're all maxed out. This means a different tourney strategy than people who follow 'the formula'. Seeing as I have over 700 AW points and over 700 completed provinces, it's getting pretty expensive to negotiate some tourney...
  9. Discussion July 2022 Fellowship Adventure - Feedback

    Before this change I've always ended up with way more coin badges than I could use. We'll see how it works out this time.
  10. Tourney related Event Quests

    It's not a problem if you keep your scout working and leave some provinces at 7/8 complete for just such an emergency. I try to leave a few like that and they come in handy. I found out what happens with scouting - when you hit the 18/19 circle out from your city, the scouted provinces on the...
  11. A better Chat window?

    I don't think the game can handle a better chat function memory wise. As it is I've been getting black city screen in the app several times a day for the last week. I haven't tried Discord as an app but I like it well enough in a browser - and it's no trouble having multiple screens open in a...
  12. A better Chat window?

    It's kind of like reinventing Discord. Why not just use Discord? A lot of players do.
  13. recent returnee

    It seems some people like to read the last chapter of a book first rather than reading it in chapter order! Yes, chap 19 sounds awfully ominous, but don't read too much into it. I finished 19 a few weeks ago. You have to finish the chapter quests to get the whole story. I won't spoil it for you...
  14. Chapter 20,then what?

    Maybe they'll finally ditch the Roman numerals for chapters which gets to be hard to read on the buildings in Architect. I'm not terribly worried about what Chap 21 will bring - Chap 20 will no doubt be a 5 to 6 month grind bringing on the 3rd level of ascended goods. There's been guessing that...
  15. Fellowships Bulletin Board for internal use by the fellowship.

    Some fellowships use Discord for this purpose.
  16. I'd like to know you better :-)

    I started playing Oct 2017. Son was off to college and I was unemployed at the time. I had played Goodgame Empire and while I enjoyed the city building part, the pvp (and bot) attacks and waking up to my city in flames a lot of the time (and needing to rebuild over and over) ruined the game for...
  17. Discussion News from Beta (may contain spoilers!)

    Does anyone know when we might expect Chap 20 to begin?
  18. Version 1.150

    Yes. The reloading seems to have stopped. I can look at mail and notifications now. Yay!
  19. Version 1.150

    I'm getting kicked out every time I try click on mail or notifications. I suspect something is not stable with this version. Hope they sort it out soon.
  20. Help with negotiating side of encounters

    For encounters (spire/tourney/province) we have the Fire Phoenix which is awesome for the health of the troops for battles. We also have Brown Bear for increasing production of troops, and Storm Phoenix for increasing production of goods. But what do we have to help with the negotiating side of...