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  1. BlueSoul

    Cross-Tier Trades

    I agree, I think we are still somewhat in recovery/adjustment phase from the residual combined effects of the endless scrolls debacle & the original cross-trade imbalance - add to that newer players who justifiably see nothing wrong with cross-tier because it is no longer skewed, & top it up...
  2. BlueSoul

    A Gateway into the Past

    I don't count beans (aka stats) in this game, real life's too short & complicated enough! - I simply try to enjoy all aspects of the game, but this event is TOTALLY REFRESHING - a little bit of strategy, a little bit of planning, a little bit of chance, and a really nice array of useful goodies...
  3. BlueSoul

    FA badge collection change to 'claim all'

    As 'autocollect' seems unlikely to ever happen, in the 'Adventure Items' window can the 'claim' button please operate as 'claim all' - you will NEVER not want to collect any badges (although you might be fighting the compulsion to collect the prolific badges like guards & coins) and there are...
  4. BlueSoul

    You know you've played too much Elvenar...

    ...you're playing Minecraft, you go looking for the 'move' button & all you've got is a pickaxe ;)
  5. BlueSoul

    Ancient Wonder chests raids

    HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa that would be sarcasm? or are you being out-competed by so many others who can now easily find and harvest AWs?
  6. BlueSoul

    Ancient Wonder chests raids

    A BIG groan and moan regarding the new game 'pandemic' of gang raids on AWs, & no apologies if it's been previously stated. It's now so easy to see and access everyone's active AW builds, those Crazy FSs who've long had an evolutionary philosophy based on parasitism must have whooped with...
  7. BlueSoul

    The Future of Fellowship Adventures?

    I play this game because I got sick of defending/fighting or getting wiped out by serial thugs in other 'building' games, & I enjoy the global social interactions of belonging to a FS with like-minded players. Fellowships are to me the 'pillars' of this game, and FAs are an important FS TEAM...
  8. BlueSoul

    My FS disbanded :((

    Thankyou all, we have a new home
  9. BlueSoul

    My FS disbanded :((

    We are a tandem pair - BlueSoul & BlueHeart both in the final chapter in W but just finished Orcs in A. Our AM just disbanded our 'going nowhere' FS - so we are free agents :) geared up for the FA with nowhere to play. Daily players RL permitting, Aussies, looking for a FS that participates as a...
  10. BlueSoul

    Love this game? Red River Dragons Wants YOU

    We are a 'quietly successful', friendly & flexible FS with global members of varying vintages (including Aussies, UK, Canadians) - the day-shift/night-shift handover works well :) If you are an established (chapter 4 or more) player, play regularly, enjoy team events, fair trading & growing...
  11. BlueSoul

    Red River Dragons - room for 1

    We are a friendly, supportive FS with members in both hemispheres, many from the UK and Australia - the day/night shifts work well :)) Recruiting an established, active player - boosts of marble, silk, crystal &/or dust would be welcome but most importantly, a desire to regularly contribute to...