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  1. Egwene al Vere

    New round of Fellowship Adventures

    Does anyone know or have the troop requirements per chapter? I have tried looking through old posts for the troop badges but cant find anything.
  2. Egwene al Vere

    Unofficial Guinness Elvenar Record #6 - Full Employment

    There we are... Not a huge total population as some of you but thats 'what I have available after restoring it since the last FA. In case you're wondering...post woodelves chapter. I havent started dragons yet.
  3. Egwene al Vere

    Unofficial Guinness Elvenar Record #6 - Full Employment

    Thanks! I forgot about that! I havent used Paint in ages.
  4. Egwene al Vere

    Unofficial Guinness Elvenar Record #6 - Full Employment

    How did you take the screenshot? I have printscreen from lightshot but I cant use it to take the screenshot like yours. Using the FN function with prt sc on the keyboard doesnt work either. I have currently a population of 151 on Fellyndral available.
  5. Egwene al Vere

    Ancient Wonders Marking of the favorite wonder

    I concur with what m4rt1n is saying. A colour scheme would benefit those more that do not have KP threads going, but the red heart has always been good enough. In fact marking the aw you want to kps for means that specific aw is listed first, while the others remain in the order they appear in...
  6. Egwene al Vere

    Mystic Rebels I and Mystic Rebels II are seeking members

    Mystic Rebels 1 has space for 6 new team mates while Mystic Rebels 2 our more relaxed team still have plenty space.
  7. Egwene al Vere

    hover on army camp

    Or better yet, add a back door so you dont have to collect them if you dont want to such as with the magic academy where you can make enchantments without collecting. A shield icon similar to the FA badge on the bottom bar would be nice. You could then go in there to train troops. Especially...
  8. Egwene al Vere

    Mystic Rebels I and Mystic Rebels II are seeking members

    You dont have to be a FA junkie to join our team but it would be nice if you took part. Tournies we do and spire also. We have a very active wonder thread going. Some times we act out and just play to relax. All we want is for you to be you. Though we prefer dwarves or higher, new to the...
  9. Egwene al Vere

    New Player who is still getting the hang of this game seeking a Fellowship.

    @HiLegendOfficial. Check us out at Mystic Rebels I or II. Our 2nd team is more relaxed than our main team but either way we can help you grow quickly.
  10. Egwene al Vere

    Barchanni's Donkey Shy!!

    I've followed the link but still dont know how to play it. Where do I find the orcs to throw? how can there be answers if there isnt a question. I've never done these competitions before as I'm clearly Royally thick ;)
  11. Egwene al Vere

    Why are some cities surrounded by old buildings?

    And more space for guest races... (Something to think about Inno?)
  12. Egwene al Vere

    The Buried City

    well you'll get tomes in the FA as prizes for maps 2 and 3. It includes a choice between the artifact for the buried city and the boblin express so if you want the buried city to level 10, take part in the FA :) I'm going for the boblin as I need mana more than orcs currently.
  13. Egwene al Vere

    Improve The Spire Graphics

    Exactly just like it does for tournies after it has ended.
  14. Egwene al Vere

    Idea for a Fellowship Community Centre Building

    well its true, the more chattier you are, the faster you progress as assistance, trades, wonders, etc are faster than when you dont chat so much. There is more motivation then too to take part in events because it gets to be more fun such as tournies, spire and the FA too. Smaller/new members...
  15. Egwene al Vere

    Improve The Spire Graphics

    This would make a lot of sense to have seeing as spire is also a weekly event same as tournies. I've often wondered why we dont have this. Though we can see all 3 (spire, tourny and FA) according to teams, there is nothing in the team's own page to show how each member have done. A...
  16. Egwene al Vere

    Mystic Rebels 1 and 2

    Mystic Rebels: Mystic - Mysterious, Rebels - badass, adventurers. This is who we are and we're proud of it: its all about fun and growing together and celebrating together. Tournies we do (11th chest), Fellowship Adventures (8th is our best) and Spire too. We do fair trades and every now and...
  17. Egwene al Vere

    Bears and Phoenix

    Must be hibernating. Maybe we'll see bears again soon... I hope. I would love to get my polar and brown bears maxed, even artifacts for the moon bear would be nice - havent seen those around since the event in 2020. I have a small city on the US server also and I've seen the phoenix there...
  18. Egwene al Vere

    Fairytale looking for active members

    Did I forget to mention we're the sister team to Fabulous Fairies? And so, if you join us, you'll have first option to join our fabulous sisters and brothers when they have a space available.
  19. Egwene al Vere

    Bears and Phoenix

    Lately I've seen phoenix artifacts in the MA for 10 000 spell fragments and 3 blue prints. Like you say Stephen1, its too expensive for small players to craft. They dont have that many spell fragments, and probably not even the blue prints if they're not in a team that does 10 chests. The...