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  1. Kiltqueen

    Magic Academy Battle Recipes

    No need to be snotty Derf.....Regina is simply explaining her expierience, which is not hers alone. I too have gone weeks without pet food, when I contacted support, I immediately started to get pet food recipies again.
  2. Kiltqueen

    Discussion Upcoming Tournament Changes

    First of all, I commend the fact we only have one click per province, this is a very welcome improvement. That's where the improvement ends. The new Tournament is just awful, troops are absolutely anhilated, and it doesn't matter how many boost buildings you have in play. Never mind the total...
  3. Kiltqueen

    Spire of Eternity

    Looks interesting...lets hope it doesn't ask you to scout or complete provinces ;)
  4. Kiltqueen

    Summer Mermaids

    I'm so frustrated with this quest. I've literally done a 'complete 2 provinces' quest, using instants to hurry up the scouting. I did a complete beverages task, a 24 hour Tier One task, I had prepared and now I'm being asked to complete 2 provinces again. 2 quests later! Currently it takes 44...
  5. Kiltqueen

    Crash and the Undead: Mobile-only questline

    I'm enjoying the event, thankyou. But I do have one quibble with these events...well more than one, but this one really is important. And that's the scouting part. I know it's been mentioned a million times over, but now it's a million and one. I'm in elemental chapter, I've finished it, and...
  6. Kiltqueen

    Multiple Cities

    I genuinely don't see a problem with people having multiple cities, even if a city is set up to supply the Parent city kp's. Who is it hurting? If you have the time, and the inclination why not? I don't see it as anyone else's business to be honest. It's a tactic to help their city grow. That's...
  7. Kiltqueen


    Hi all, I'm signed up to the newsletter from Elvenar but have no idea when or what link I followed to do so. Can anyone advise on how to sign up for it as there are free nuts for the event in it, and my FS want a piece of the action. Thank you
  8. Kiltqueen

    Eldrasil's Ascending

    Buildings look lovely, I want as many Mana producing ones I can win...I'll worry about fitting them in later! One thing though....i've a feeling the event is about to crash.....the top pop up where the chestnuts and daily prizes are shown...it's disappeared, but a logging bk in seems to sort it...
  9. Kiltqueen

    Are your Manu's producing less since AW upgrade

    Support just replied and said I should have the amount I thought I should 3217 I knew those scrolls produced more! KingOr I think you might be right and perhaps the base value has changed. I'm not going mad, I was producing over 3000! ....in my head I thought it was a bit higher, but that's...
  10. Kiltqueen

    Are your Manu's producing less since AW upgrade

    Thank you for that Koekaker, I really really appreciate it. I will remove this thread, as judging by your calculations I am where I should be. I genuinely don't understand that though, unless I had a bug before and my manu's where producing more than they should have! Thank you x
  11. Kiltqueen

    Are your Manu's producing less since AW upgrade

    So this is a screen shot of my relics and Mountain Hall is at Level 8 and 156% how do the math and calculate how much it' supposed to do in a 3 hour run.
  12. Kiltqueen

    Are your Manu's producing less since AW upgrade

    Oh I see.....I am at maximum bonus reached for over a year now. I've 800 odd of all my boosted relics ;) I have to admit, when I see maths, I just see jumble (dyslexia) so it's really difficult for me to understand the above. You did mention 2115 for dust and yes that's what it's producing now...
  13. Kiltqueen

    Version 1.39

    Best reply ever ;)
  14. Kiltqueen

    Are your Manu's producing less since AW upgrade

    Can you elaborate Leyanya? Support don't believe me :/
  15. Kiltqueen

    Are your Manu's producing less since AW upgrade

    What do you mean? I'm talking about goods, not relics ;)
  16. Kiltqueen

    Are your Manu's producing less since AW upgrade

    I have noticed that my Scrolls and Dust factory are producing about 600 - 800 goods less in a 3 hour run. I can't be sure of the exact amount, as I hadn't taken notes as to how much exactly they were producing before the Lighthouse/Spire debacle. I haven't used all that many orange spells...
  17. Kiltqueen

    Version 1.39

    I have no real incentive now to visit neighbors in my world, I will of course continue for FS members, but that'll be about it. Also when a side quest asked for say 4000 Scrolls, and my scroll manu's WERE up to about 3700 or thereabouts, for a 3 hour run I'd often use my Neighbor visits to top...
  18. Kiltqueen

    Answered Server Error, Stream Errors

    anyone getting lines down the game screen aswell as the system error? I've logged a ticket but can't get into the game now to see if thy've responded..it keeps crashing......
  19. Kiltqueen

    Version 1.27

    Thank you for this upgrade Devs! Loving it!
  20. Kiltqueen

    Closed | Archived Can't collect coins from the Main Hall

    I'd like to think that's the case.....but I logged ticket nearly 4 weeks ago now. I've given up...I've made a note on my city asking for no MH donations....and I could really do with them. But at the end of the day..it's only a game ;)