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  1. Bojislav

    The Cauldron

    Too complicated and based on RNG / wasting resources :(
  2. Bojislav

    Closed | Archived 1 resource missing

    Hello there! I have a little issue that is trying to annoy me every time it happens: When I pick up my capped resources, 1 resource is sometimes missing, and it's wasting my production. For example when I have two finished productions with 300 (or more) resources, and I need to pick 300...
  3. Bojislav

    Number of manufactories

    Thank you for your ideas! :) I did not mention my overall situation because I just wanted to hear your opinions and learn more about other player's strategies. Thanks to you I was able to review my city and find out that I can replace (=teleport; almost forgot about this option!) one of my...
  4. Bojislav

    Number of manufactories

    Thank you for your answer @Pauly7 :) 2+1 means for me 2 planks, 1 moonstone, 2 scrolls, 1 velvet, 2 dust, and 1 bismuth. Building manufactories is very costly in terms of population, so I wanted to gather some ideas before using the free space :D I fight both, spire and the tournament...
  5. Bojislav

    Number of manufactories

    Hello there :) I would like to ask for your opinion about a basic number of manufactories you need to build and keep in your city in order to progress (relatively) smoothly. Until now (Elvenari chapter) my setting was 2 regular goods manufactories + 1 sentient goods manufactory. It is not too...