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  1. What do you want for Christmas?

    Dear Santa... All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth My two front teeth, see my two front teeth Gee, if I could only have my two front teeth Then I could wish you, Merry Christmas It seems so long since I could say "Sister Susie, sitting on a thistle" Gosh, oh gee, how happy I'd be If I...
  2. Winter Magic Event

    or even a Gingerbread Tome for the base building. I deleted mine as it was early chapter. I was under the impression from what I had read on the forums it was better to delete and wait for it to appear in the MA then to upgrade it many chapters. I've lost count of how long ago I deleted that as...
  3. 'Winter Magic' questline event starts in Beta 11th November 2022

    I was hoping to see a Gingerbread house Tome for the base building. :( Thanks @Jackluyt
  4. Cauldron

    Well a Cauldron is right up an oldhags path, I've been dreaming of this....bwuahaha. I can't wait to try it out. Thanks @JollyElf and @ @Alcaro for all the useful information, much appreciated. Until this goes live you'll find me at 'The Pits Bottom'.
  5. Cauldron

    Thanks @Alcaro :)
  6. Cauldron

    Does that come with it's own tab in the MA?
  7. Time to say Goodbye

    Oh wow! @Jackluyt I wish you the very best and a big THANK YOU from me for all the information you have provided, it's been invaluable. Good luck :)
  8. New round of Fellowship Adventures

    I personally really enjoy the FAs, albeit I do find this one a bit too soon after the last one. I agree with a lot of the points made in the above posts (yes, I read them all - 3 long ones in a row is heavy on the ole head) but I think the game design makes it difficult to avoid doing spire...
  9. Answered Intermittent Lockup of Events

    The padlock over the event icon indicates that you have done x number of quests and are now at the daily quests. You will get one new quest per day until the event is over.
  10. Version 1.162

    I took a nap and I'm all better now, tks :)
  11. Closed | Archived Message NOTifications

    Thanks @EdwardTrunk - I believe I posted that this morning before the update had been done, so I took a nap and I'm all better now, tks :)
  12. Version 1.162

    My message system isn't fixed :(
  13. Closed | Archived Message NOTifications

    I'm far from pleased @Heroditex - Again, I've cleared my cache, turned off my computer and router (for 10minutes) and as soon as someone made multiple posts (swap threads) I get notified of 1 message the others are still loading on the back page.
  14. Closed | Archived Message NOTifications

    After clearing my cache, I switched my computer and router off overnight, but it hasn't changed anything, I can still only see one mail whilst the others are 'loading' on the last page. So I am still having to log out and back in again to see all new messages.
  15. Answered Witch Doctor Artifact

    Thanks @kimkimkim - I see @Pauly7 was under the same impression as myself (back then) about deleting bases to get a more up to date one, so I assume others were too, it's a pity it wasn't made clearer. I can live without my gingerbread house, but like @Herodite I like to collect all of the...
  16. Answered Witch Doctor Artifact

    wow. I had all the base buildings and understood that if you wanted to update a base to your current chapter it would be best to delete the old base and it would then appear in your MA I deleted one of my oldest bases (the gingerbread house) months ago and it still hasn't appeared in my MA. I...
  17. Closed | Archived Message NOTifications

    cleared my cache and no luck, it's still an issue.
  18. Closed | Archived Message NOTifications

    I'm still experiencing mail issues, although they are not the same as @Sir Derf but incredibly frustrating.......when someone posts in more then one thread at a time in our fs (swap threads mainly), I have to log out each time to see all new messages, as I only get to see one new message, the...
  19. Closed | Archived Message NOTifications

    Fair enough, @Sir Derf hopefully, they'll find and fix the mail issues :)