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  1. finzles

    Interesting event buildings - spice it up!

    I have recently returned to the game after a long hiatus. I started a new city because I was totally overwhelmed by my old chapter xv city, I couldn’t remember how it all worked. I remember the glory days of events: bears, phoenixes, amazing combos. I gotta say that I am so bored by the recent...
  2. finzles

    Answered Scouting

    Hi everyone. Scouting is weird in my Arendyll city. I have only built GA wonder so far. I’m approaching the end of chapter iii and I still need to complete another 6 provinces before I will be able to start research on chapter if advanced scouts. The next 11 provinces on my map are now “Hard”...
  3. finzles

    Answered How much difference do Squad Size Upgrades make to province difficulty?

    I only have one more Squad Size Upgrade left to research before my next chapter, but I need to complete another 13 provinces before I will be able to start researching the Advanced Scouts for that chapter. Wondering if it’s worth waiting until I’ve unlocked the final Squad Size Upgrade, or if it...
  4. finzles

    Answered Set buildings - how many chapters before they lose value

    I have won four of the set buildings for the Gateway Into the Past event. This is the first time I have won set buildings. It looks as though they could potentially replace at least two of my steel manufactories and at least one of my residences, because of the number of planks and marble the...
  5. finzles

    New but enthusiastic player, daily gamer

    Hi everyone. I only started the game today but I am a daily gamer and I have chosen Elvenar after doing a lot of research. I love city games and this one was far and away the most highly recommended. I’d love to be part of a team! I like the social aspect of these games. I will play daily, I...
  6. finzles

    Brand new

    Hi everyone. I am new, so new that my price tag is still attached. Love the game, it looks so pretty and there’s so much to do here! It’s my first day in the game and I’m trying to figure out what the seahorse thing is about, so I’ll look on the forum. I’m looking for a fellowship, I am a daily...