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  1. AstralSoul

    Royal Restorations & Connected Buildings.

    I want to bring forward this idea, although many of you will not like it due to the nature of the cost of this. However, I am sure I am not the only player in this situation. The Moonstone Library is now much more valuable, and with everything, those of us who have been here before, are lucky...
  2. AstralSoul

    Answered Halflings' Orc Nest: Why is it worse than S&D's?

    So, while I am stalling with a filled up advanced scouts for halflings, I am wondering this: Is it an error, or it really yields 560 orcs per 23 hours instead of 20 hours? If so, this building gets significantly worse... I hope the "reward" is not 240 more pts of culture. I have no premium...
  3. AstralSoul

    Answered Pyramid of Purification, question:

    Okay, well, first of all, if you checked elvenstats, yes, I am stalling right in front of a filled up Halfling's scouts (so still in S&Ds), but I like to plan, and plan the big picture. Like a good chess player, I want to be some moves ahead. Pyramid reads: For each orc collect, 30% sentient...
  4. AstralSoul

    Crafting KP spells at the MA should cost less with diamond reduce.

    Hi all, Not much of a complainer, but I do like to make numbers. Before, the AW KP diamond rate was 45, right now is 25. That's, if not mistaken (just woke up), a 25% reduction. However, for example, a 15 KP spell cost fragments and eight broken shards before and after this price change...
  5. AstralSoul

    Are workshops made out from orc parts?

    You know, in some aspects, this game has some obscure symbology, or secrets revealed... I spoke of the Ghost of Present, Past, and Future, such building touches a few conspiracies about the 1% holding riches and the reincarnation wheel for all of us. However... I wonder about the Workshops...
  6. AstralSoul

    Bathrooms (building), and Lucid Dreaming

    Hi all! Not sure where to place this, its game-related, but not at the same time. If you like dreaming, and lucid dreaming, we have a tool we can easily go to our cities and navigate them truly lucid (as if you were awake but asleep). Teleporting there (in the dream) is hard. You need to go...
  7. AstralSoul

    Greenery Street: Less Mana, more non PP woodelven RSS.

    Hi all, I have, like many, scores of PPs. I work the Spire a lot, so that adds more. I craft none. I built what is required for woodelves, except for forest fabrication, that I build six extras. I am going to build more refineries for the sake of fun, creating more RSS, and getting the Forest...
  8. AstralSoul

    Answered Ranger I VS Elite Archers

    Hey, I have been studying these two, just researched Rangers. Their 4 reach and 20 initiative makes it very substantial. Do you folks think, that with good Needles (level 19 so far), a few ELR, and a couple of d. armorers and the birds feed of course. Tactics are to aggro the enemy. Is it...
  9. AstralSoul

    Spire Rewards

    Hey folks, Is this Spire rewards doing okay? I hope they do not take the extra away! Isn't 125 for the 11th prize, it has always been? (And I am pretty sure we were going to get the 10th prize, only a few of us got to the top.) I am unsure if the amount of boosters is correct as well, I...
  10. AstralSoul

    Spell fragments for knowledge points craft, crafting up to 50 KP at once.

    Hi all, We all know we have a craft worth 270 spell fragments for one knowledge point, three-hour wait. The MA could have a, maybe for a little more, say 350 spell fragments, and making rare. An option to allow you to craft up to 50 at a time for example. At 17500 total spell fragments would...
  11. AstralSoul

    The real drop power of a genie (nope, not another complaining thread)

    Hey folks, I am curious from both positive, and negative people how are your genies doing. Someone said they only drop 50,100 and 200 diamonds once. I got 200 yesterday, and 200 today (screenshots if you want), and I got 100s a few times too, and 50 ones. (Sure, I got also boosters and less...
  12. AstralSoul

    Answered When the Spire and tournament requests orcs?

    Hey all, I am about to finish orc, and as between chapters, I stall to reinforce AW. Since wood-elves don't need the portal right away, I was planning to switch to them, to start to generate mana and hoard it (I know the decay). However, for now nor tournaments nor the Spire asks me for orcs...
  13. AstralSoul

    Answered Culture question, numbers are not adding with "required culture"

    Okay, so the numbers are not adding. I had 58.000 required culture: - I level up THREE dust manus to goblin dust manufactury (78 culture each) New required culture is 59.000 - I level them up to level 17, asking for almost 100 culture each. New required culture is 60.000 - Right now, I am...
  14. AstralSoul

    Neighbors Show Neighbors Overview.

    Hey folks, Maybe this is suggested already, but it would make our lifes easier, and since we are working with the whole NH system, I thought of something more accessible for the busy folk, - We all know about the "Show Province Overview," right? - We also know about the FS member's list, with...
  15. AstralSoul

    Answered Trader price did not change.

    Hi all, We got the new market standards, but the wholesaler continues to sell at the former hight prices. Should the price at least for tier 2 and 3 be adjusted?
  16. AstralSoul

    Answered Provinces that open up for tournaments. Do you need to complete?

    Hi all! I am planning to go strong next week's steel tournament (I have a lot of army buildings), and I have some steel provinces to scout. Two minor problems: 1- Orc ring (I can use diamonds, wells give plenty) 2- RSS (I can use them, but I rather not) 3- Fighting: I am in fairies, stuck...
  17. AstralSoul

    Selling the fairy portal before request?

    Hi all! I am at the end of fairies, just built the blooming and towers. My goal now is to not transition to orcs yet, but reach the "orc wall" (I see it already, I have +200 regions), and get ALL my AW (I built all) to level six, so I plan to stay stuck on purpose in fairies. I do have a lot of...
  18. AstralSoul

    Just a thought, wondering.

    Hey fellas, I got a "Ghost of Present, Past & Future," and for Aesthetic is great, and stats decent. Now, it is the symbolic building of the event, due to being Elvenizer Scratch's place, hunted by the ghosts. He is shaking on top, afraid holding his stash: Okay, so, I wonder two things: 1-...
  19. AstralSoul

    Did your quest line (bonus) broke?

    Never mind, the wording confused me :) Please, delete.
  20. AstralSoul

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Hi, I am a person of gratitude, and sometimes the small details are meaningful. But giving away, even if its a "lousy" candy cane unicorn is a very nice gentle touch. It makes little difference, and in my end, the first 2x3 that needs no road will mean the end of the Unicorn, but a present is...