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  1. geordianna

    Question Tome of phoenixs

    How do I craft this and wat can it make?
  2. geordianna

    Question quest for 600 provinces

    this quest just came up scout provinces ( no number) or complete 600 provinces. I have 560 complete -it will take forever to get 600 - is the quest correct
  3. geordianna

    Question How does rune shard feature work

    I can see the new icons but not sure how to use them
  4. geordianna

    rewards for quests I have not completed

    I just logged into my city and I have been credited with building a gate of dimensions which I haven't even started building yet
  5. geordianna

    Elvenar not loading

    Error message looking for new buildings on app . Black flashing screen on pc
  6. geordianna

    Question Where do trader sentient goods decay to?

    Sentient goods in my inventory decay to basic goods. when they decay in the trader where do the basic goods go?
  7. geordianna

    Question troop instants

    how do I summon troops with instants and haw do I get them?
  8. geordianna

    Closed | Archived 2nd quester gone mad

    I'm getting a lot of declinable quests from early chapters. good for gathering coins and tools but seems wrong.
  9. geordianna

    Answered Do magic residences count

    I'm in S & D and need 20 level 24 residences at the moment I have 10 upgraded and a S&D magic residences. In previous cities this would have given me a count of 11 - but this time it says 10, has there been a change pf rules
  10. geordianna

    TheBrotherhood seeking 2 new members

    tourney players required - preferably silk boosted - we are a friendly bunch with few rules - Apply to archmage Avaa
  11. geordianna

    Black Friday Offer

    they must be joking £75 for a bunch of artifacts
  12. geordianna

    Closed | Archived Odd screen on logout

    When I log out of a city on mobile I get a brief flash of a strange screen . It has a grid of silver squares with black arrows in them. Can't do screenshot as it disappears too quickly.
  13. geordianna

    Sentient goods

    Why are there so many bad trade offers for these goods . And in felyndral there seems to be a surplus of platinum and ink everyone is offering it and my grades don't get taken for days even 3* ones
  14. geordianna

    Answered quest to buy kp or upgrade

    I bought 3 KP for the daily quest forgetting the upgrade abuilding or buy 30 KP was open - do I have to buy the other 27 or will the upgrade I'm doing still complete the quest?
  15. geordianna

    Answered Best AW for autofighting

    I've heard the monastery/sanctuary is only useful for manual fighting - is it no help in autofighting?
  16. geordianna

    Building challenge

    This is unfair how do we build enough factories to reach the total ?
  17. geordianna

    Answered Sentient goods

    do I still need t1 sentient goods in Ammuni?
  18. geordianna

    Answered magic chess

    has the magic chess set finished in crafting - I've not seen any pieces recently
  19. geordianna

    Answered disenchantment

    Do fragments have to be used at once - disenchanted an item yesterday and the fragments have disappeared
  20. geordianna

    Answered trading outpost?

    what happens to trading outpost instants if you finish a guest race before the outpost expires?