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  1. Thrakazoga

    New Game Features Evolving Building to increase Luck

    Perhaps Inno may consider designing an Evolving building to help increase the Players overall chances, or luck, in winning items within the game. There has been much discussion on the vagaries of RNG within this game and other games, for every player who has a winning streak there will be a...
  2. Thrakazoga

    'The Forbidden Ruins' questline event - started in Beta Jan 2022

    I like the idea of less FAs, they are an occasional bit of 'fun' to help bond the team, so an event to hopefully help those who didn't complete the Winter Magic questline is quite welcome. As an aside I read the headline banner as Event Starts in Beta on Jan 22....... thought I'd found out how...
  3. Thrakazoga

    Version 1.125

    I guess its a pre full release test for a few random players, to gauge response. I like it, gives a little something each day, costs nothing, takes up no space and got a lovely tappable (or tapable, but never tapeable) button ;)
  4. Thrakazoga

    Merry Misfits

    Looking for one new active member. Prefer Silk and Dust boosted goods, we do 10 chests in Tourney and Gold run in Spire every third week. Fairly even split between Northern and Southern hemisphere players. FA participation is not a priority, but we tend to do one path for each stage. Contact...
  5. Thrakazoga

    Version 1.119

    I thought this thread was for discussing the latest patch? Flash Player or lack of and the awful Tourney changes are a separate issue and should have their own threads. Was the reversion of style in the research screen intended, or a glitch. I prefer the newer style.
  6. Thrakazoga

    Neighbourly Help Choice Refinement

    Must admit i had not thought of that possibility, as there are usually lots of tiny filler Culture buildings. I suppose the next available MH slot , as that can stack up to 20 times, followed by BH. The coding problems that would cause would be horrendous, so in light of that Inno probably have...
  7. Thrakazoga

    Neighbourly Help Choice Refinement

    Thankyou all for your input. My suggestion for a 'polish switch' has shown me that we all have our own ideas as to what the optimal polish is, as I have stated it is Culture for me, but in different chapters another choice might be made. I guess, for now, I have to live with the fact that it...
  8. Thrakazoga

    Neighbourly Help Choice Refinement

    Both of the above replies and comments are valid, but the point I am trying to make is one of choice, to be able to choose what is polished, without the vagaries of another player simply clicking a random icon without any real thought for what their fellow player has requested.
  9. Thrakazoga

    Neighbourly Help Choice Refinement

    I would like to see the ability to turn off help for any given building type. I suggest this due to the ridiculous amount of people who polish my Builders Hut every day, despite my banner stating Culture. Personally I have little need for Builders help, time instants help there, but each Culture...
  10. Thrakazoga

    Answered What is your favourite Building and Why?

    Purely for the fun of watching the gull pinch the orcs sandwich, I think it has to be the Coast Guard. For practicality it has be Phoenix and Magic Academy.
  11. Thrakazoga

    Answered As a non EU country will the UK diamond and other prices now go up?

    The price of diamonds is linked to the Euro. The pound to Euro price fluctuates on a daily basis. Only if one or the other currency were to nosedive would there be a change in price. So in reality, on a daily basis, sometimes we win and sometimes not. And we are still in the EU until end of this...
  12. Thrakazoga

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    More free fragaments if you come back :)
  13. Thrakazoga

    Discussion News from Beta (may contain spoilers!)

    The prizes are uninspiring, hardly worth the effort. A universal Artifact would encourage more Fellowships to take it a little more seriously. Anyone else agree with that??
  14. Thrakazoga

    Winter Magic

    The quest to use 30 kp or add 25kp to an AW does not specifically say another's AW. This is very misleading and would cause an inexperienced player to waste their precious KP on their own AW. It is not a bug, just very bad grammar and a huge assumption by the event designers. I can see that...
  15. Thrakazoga

    Elvinears are recruiting

    And we came 5th in the last FA while having fun without too much stress. The prizes were not brilliant but the team bonding was.
  16. Thrakazoga

    Black Friday Offer

    I agree with all of that above comments. Especially on the subject of being sale items. They have never been on sale before, therefore there can not be a discount. As such the current offer should be withdrawn, single items offered at a fixed and full price, followed by a sale price. The only...
  17. Thrakazoga

    Elvinears are recruiting

    That was cruel to drop you so suddenly. Guess they were a super competitive fellowship
  18. Thrakazoga

    Unfair penalty for inactivity.

    It is possible that some of the small cities that do not get deleted are from a player on the same server but a different world, If that is the correct term. As in their main is on Arendyll but smaller test cities on Wyn or Fel, which get forgotten.
  19. Thrakazoga

    Evolving Spells

    Perhaps an alternative would be to transmute an artefact, or artefacts, in the magic academy?