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  1. Jedicris

    Answered Hot Keys Not Working

    Hi, Anybody else having problems with the hot keys not working in HTML version? I noticed it on one EN server a couple of days ago. Now all EN servers seem to be affected.
  2. Jedicris

    Open Advanced Trader level 5 filter cut off

    So, with breath bated and full of eager anticipation I entered the new Guest Race. All went well until I upgraded my Trader. The goods filter is now too long and I am unable to see the last two goods. In order to view them, I have to adjust the browser zoom level from 100% to 90%. Another...
  3. Jedicris

    Repeated Stream Errors

    Really annoyed this morning. Started to play and got repeated stream errors every-time I tried to do something. After 7 of these, I switched to Flash from HTML and everything seems OK. So, is HTML a lot of old crock and when are they going to get it stable? Getting really fed up with this. GRRR!
  4. Jedicris

    Answered Expansion Space Leftover

    Hi, I have 1 expansion space in my City that I cannot access. I have ALL of the City expansions. I have maxed out my province expansions (457 provinces). I have no premium expansions available. So, how do I access the one remaining expansion space? Any suggestion? Thanks.