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  1. Tome of the Phoenixes in Crafting Recipes Pet Food Slot

    According to wiktionary... phoenix (plural phoenix or phoenixes or phoenices) I always use phoenix as a singular & plural, less syllables:p
  2. Production of Pet Food.

    Isnt it already?! :p
  3. Question List of planned server outages available?

    Every time there is an update your session will be interrupted, check the Forum release notes for upcoming updates. They usually occur on a tuesday at 10.00am GMT. these are fairly regular. The server downtime only lasts about 5 mins or so. Also you will usually see an info bar in game across...
  4. Question Workshop workout

    Maybe for events, your 5 mag w/s count as 10 for e.g. grocer baskets, now you will have to build 6 extra lvl 1 workshops to make up the difference if you need 10 to finish a quest in one hit. Its not really an issue if you have the space but something to consider.
  5. Question Fighting after Fourteen

    Maybe start the timewarp AW, get the tourny done in a few of days or less?!!
  6. Chapter 20,then what?

    1987 and,
  7. Question Crafting

    Thanks @Herodite :)
  8. I wish INNO would fix MA

    And on the flip side being a caterer im happy not seeing them. only time i would craft a pet food is to disenchant for the "use a petfood, gain spell fragments quest" during events :p You fighters get more than enough perks from buildings and pets. and now healing spells. Im thinking caterers...
  9. Question Crafting

    more culture/pop and whatever other bonus production it gives. the storm goes from t3 to mana. etc.etc
  10. Chapter 20,then what?

    Oh no, they've gone to plaid..:D
  11. Question Crafting

    @Silmaril @Herodite Just need confirmation that old phoenix bases are still in the crafting rotation. I still have fire, storm and aureate in my inventory but they are from orc chapter and now im in elvenar chapter, so i think its easier/cheaper to disenchant and re-craft than use RR on them.
  12. Question Did I make a mistake?

    I think update 1.151 solves your problem :)
  13. Dawn of the Phoenix

    Maybe "but rather a biggest-wallet-takes-the-medal competition"....:p
  14. Dawn of the Phoenix

    10 fully evolved twilight phoenix, this is why a free player will never get gold. o_O
  15. Question Dwarvin Statue

    From the wiki
  16. Dawn of the Phoenix

    Sir Derf was correct...27 million mana.
  17. Closed | Archived Quest text error

    Quest 26 needs looking at.
  18. Question Did I make a mistake?

    The portal profit will only give you goods for the chapter you are in. so you will have to build the previous portal and buildings to get the wanted goods.
  19. Question Tome of phoenixs

    Its for the next event that just started in beta, it shouldnt be in our MA's just yet. though someone in my FS had it as a crafting option yesterday. you need 2 of the new phoenix artifacts to create a tome that you can then get one of the three already existing phoenix artifacts.
  20. The Forbidden Ruins

    Weird, just got daily login scrolls for the last day, that doesnt normally happen for the last 9 hour bit. Are @Inno feeling sorry for the lack of scrolls for this event? i got 218 points and just finished in bronze league by 3 points, probably be in iron league by morning. finished all quests...