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  1. JoJo the Bold

    Answered Mandatory Elementals quests

    I’m finding the mandatory Elementals quests to be a bit pointless, as I don’t need to build or produce the amount of guest race items to complete the chapter. When I’ve finished the Elementals research tree and move on to the Amuni chapter, will I be able to cancel these mandatory Elementals...
  2. JoJo the Bold

    Answered Old portals needed after progressing to new chapter?

    Apologies if this has been addressed in another thread, I couldn’t find anything when searching the forum... I’m just about to progress to Fairy chapter and wondering if I’ll need to keep my Dwarven portal when I do? It doesn’t look like I’ll be needing granite or copper for future research...
  3. JoJo the Bold

    Answered Ancient Wonder instants in mobile

    I’m using the iOS app and noticed I now have ancient wonder instants. However, I can’t see how they can actually be used on my AWs. They can’t be used in the Instants tab of inventory, and there’s no option to use them within the individual AW view. Any ideas?
  4. JoJo the Bold

    Answered What happens to FS when Archmage is inactive?

    Our Fellowship’s Archmage has been inactive for quite some time now. Are Archmage accounts deactivated after 30 days of no login? And what happens to the FS if they are? Do they disappear and AM status given to a Mage?
  5. JoJo the Bold

    Closed | Contact Support Haunted Graveyard poor quality & no animation on iOS

    The Haunted Graveyard building on the iOS app isn’t animated like it is on PC, and it’s a poor quality pixelated image. I haven’t summoned the Windmill of Evil yet, so not sure if it has the same issue. I’m using the latest version of the Elvenar app (1.54.0) on iPad iOS. I can’t seem to...