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  1. Display relative instead of absolute squad sizes

    When I look at the squad sizes before a fight, I mentally estimate how much that is in terms of my base squad size. The reason for that is that my troop count in the Army Camp is displayed in multiples of the base squad size, so that is my frame of reference. When fighting in the tournament...
  2. Statue of Appreciation - show appreciation for you fellows

    In our fellowship, and I guess that would be true for a lot of others too, there are a few people who keep things running by performing a bunch of administrative tasks that aren't strictly gameplay (e.g. managing our Wonder Society). It would be great if we could show our appreciation in a more...
  3. Frustration at lack of Fellowship Adventure

    Now I know a lot of people, myself included, don't really like FAs due to the tedious gameplay. In that sense, I'm actually happy that this one isn't happening. I also know others have raised this complaint in various places, but I'd still like to explain why I find it frustrating, and didn't...
  4. Weekly Statistics

    As a player, I really like to try and optimize my city and playstyle. However, it can be hard to know if a certain approach to fights or negotiations is actually better or worse overall without reliable numbers. To get a feel for this, it would be very helpful to have weekly statistics of troop...
  5. Closed | Contact Support Mobile version incorrectly showing 0 Royal Restoration spells in new resource overview

    On the mobile version (Version 1.123.2-3020c91-256 (en1.123)), the new resource overview shows 0 RR spells, but my inventory shows 69. All other resources seem to be displayed correctly.