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  1. Closed | Archived Mana Plant / Gum Tree Bug

    Good Morning Elvenar, Following this mornings update the mana Plants & Gum Trees, part of the Moonstone Library Set, seem to have switched from producing Magic Dust (non-boosted good) to Elixir, which is one of my boosted goods. I am not sure if this is a bug, or intended... but is a pain as...
  2. Closed | Archived Missing Buildings

    For some reason today i cant see any of my residences, the coin reward still shows up but no buildings are visible. Playing online using a firefox browser.
  3. Space.... and the ancient wonders

    With new chapters coming online, 18 being released today ( and more in the pipeline) I'd like to raise the issue of the constant demand for space. There are many demands on space, from housing and resource production through to culture and chapter specific buildings. One of my big bug-bears is...