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  1. HappyRose

    Arch Mage Needed

    would you make a good Arch ? I need to give over Travellers to another pair of hands as I’m not finding the time for all the cities I have … and need to retire this city… I’ve asked internally, but none of my team are willing to step forward .. This is a great team … we do gold spire every...
  2. HappyRose

    Question 33 days left on Spire

    Why do we have a count down on the Spire
  3. HappyRose

    Hunter Cubs

    Brand new fellowship and we need some active players to join us in this new adventure of growing bigger together Hunter Cubs is a active relaxed group with the main emphasis on Helping each other.. We welcome everyone so tiny or a bit bigger give us a try. Contact Wizdon at Hunter Cubs
  4. HappyRose

    Are you looking for Adventure

    Hunters is a brand new fellowship founded 6 days ago, and are looking for keen adventure players. This our first week we have 13 chests in the Tournament and a Silver 19th Spire position and all with just 16 members. We are firm believers that playing well in the Tourney and Spire progresses...
  5. HappyRose

    Fabulous Fairies looking for an adventure nut

    Due to a long term sickness we have a vacancy in Fabulous Fairies we don’t have targets and rules just mutual respect and a common drive to be the best.. we achieve 11 or 12 chests on the tourney every week, silver in the spire with a gold run once a month.. we absolutely love the adventures...
  6. HappyRose

    Exciting new Fellowship .. Travellers

    Travellers Our Fellowship is Just 12 days Old and we have achieved 10 chests in the Tourney already, We intend to get silver in the Spire every week once established with an occasional leap for gold, we have 4 places left, so if you are an active player And enjoy the team events come join us...
  7. HappyRose

    Answered Spire wait times

    I have several spells running 3 DA, and a UUU , which I’m using for the tournament... Also makes fighting up the spire a doddle... they will have 3 hours left to run on Sunday when the Spire reopens.. So I would like to know how long the wait is at each gate... so I know how many time spells to...
  8. HappyRose

    January fellowship ranking 13th ... join and help us get in top 10

    Fabulous Fairies is a young but enthusiastic fellowship, we currently have 2 vacancies, we are still an open fellowship, so you are welcome to just press the join button on our overview page. We don't have any minimum points rules or other restrictions, or qualification requirements like some...
  9. HappyRose

    Universal Evolve

    We all have evolves in inventory that we don’t want, we also need different evolves for incomplete buildings.... can we have a crafting item for a universal evolve that costs say 2 other evolves.... or cc’s and an evolve
  10. HappyRose


    I often have very long building upgrades and at the same time I have builders sitting around idle Would it be possible to be able to allocate 2 or more builders to the same job and thereby reducing the time of an upgrade or new build
  11. HappyRose


    I often have very long updates on buildings and at the same time have spare builders with nothing to do. I would find it very beneficial if more than one builder could work on the same job and reduce the time taken on the upgrade. It should be a possibility surely
  12. HappyRose

    Answered Transportation spell

    if I use a transportation spell on a production building or workshop, what happens to the population? Will the population be available in the game or will it be frozen with the building? Also before I put one of these oversized buildings into inventory ( upgraded for challenge requirements) will...
  13. HappyRose

    Answered 2 nd Bear

    I’ve just obtained a 2nd brown bear as a prize, if I put this bear in, will the effect from feeding stack? Eg 25% on first bear plus 25% on second ... would I get 50% or would only one bear count?
  14. HappyRose

    Small but we love the tournaments and want active members

    Fairies is a new fellowship, most of us started in March this year and we are learning and growing together. We all work to help each other as much as we can. We have an average of 14 of us working towards the chests in each tournament, and reached the 6th chest for the first time recently, a...
  15. HappyRose

    Answered Phoenix upgrade

    I have an Aureate Phoenix evolved to level 10, and very happy with the effect of pet food on production. It is going to cost me 16 tiles to take it from level III to level IV What benefits are there to upgrading? Thanks HappyRose
  16. HappyRose

    Answered Pet food

    my Phoenix pet food doesn’t appear to have effected my production today, previously I have been able to see the effect in each building. My main hall is showing the feeding with my steel at 603% But my level 9 steel building is showing 3 hour production at 366 All buildings are similar The...
  17. HappyRose

    Answered Giving knowledge points. How

    I’ve read wiki and it tells you to visit another player and the ancient monument symbol will be above their ancient monument... it isn’t How do I donate knowledge points as there seems to benefits in doing so Or is this another feature only available on pc
  18. HappyRose

    Answered Update magical residents

    what is the symbol by the cost for upgrade of a residence And how do I get the resources