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  1. Autumn Breeze

    Choice of Avatars

    Hi, I just want to point out that the Avatars you can win in the last 2 Events have both been male... Why can't we have a choice of Male or Female?
  2. Autumn Breeze

    Allegiant Galaxy has 3 vacancies

    If you are an active player, and would like to join a happy group achieving: • 10 Chests weekly in Tournaments (Gotta love those Blueprints!) • Silver Spire Fellowship rewards each week (Gotta love those Diamonds!) • Active Wondermail threads. Please contact PippinJnr (AM) or myself... or...
  3. Autumn Breeze

    Spire Score Tab

    Please can we have a Tab under the Fellowship Flag to record individual players Spire records (Similar to how the Tournament ones are )and also some record of how many Spire and Tournament Perks we have accumulated? This would be helpful for our team... Thankyou, waiting in anticipation... ♡...
  4. Autumn Breeze

    Question Sister Fellowships

    Our Fellowship is thinking about creating a Sister Fellowship... Are there any Rules, Guidelines or Advice on achieving this?
  5. Autumn Breeze

    Allegiant needs 2 more players to join our fun loving, hard working team

    Hi all, if you'd like to be a part of a friendly, supportive Fellowship that wins Blueprints and at least Silver (125 Diamonds) in the Spire every week, and has a lot of fun doing it, we'd love to hear from you! *Allegiant is looking for 2 players*