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  1. Discussion July 2022 Fellowship Adventure - Feedback

    This would have to be the WORST FA in the last 10 years - the 'Sack of coin's' badge quantity increase is outrageous!!! My Fellowship can usually get to the end of the 3rd stage, but this time we are stuck and I think most of the participating fellows have given up!! A waste of resources trying...
  2. No Rules Fellowship but not "retirement"

    Hi, have you found a fellowship? We at 'Polylux Stars' would welcome all 3 of your cities! We regularly exchange KP's on each others AW's, as well as fair trades between each other. We would welcome your contribution to Tournaments, Spire and FA's - let me know if you would like to join us...
  3. Answered Stream error

    Thanks everyone - have raised a ticket, as have a few of the other Aussie fellows in my fellowship! It seems to be behaving itself ATM! I agree it seems the game is at fault - a visit to my computer technician confirmed this!
  4. Answered Stream error

    Hi, I am having huge problems with connection to the game - I only get a window of between 1-5 minutes before I get 'stream error' and have to refresh! I have tried everything - updating my windows, scanning for threats, cleaning the system, optimizing - then the same with my phone (which is my...
  5. Gnome warriors have one space left!

    One place left for an active player looking for fair trade, regular activity and fellowship assistance. We would prefer player that have got to chapter 6 (Dwarves) or 7 (Fairies) as a minimum, but will consider if you are close to these levels and willing to work towards advancement in the game-...
  6. Looking for a tournament oriented fellowship

    Hi Stephen - are you still looking?? You are welcome to Gnome Warriors - just send a request and I will accept!! Cheers, pepper16
  7. Looking for a tournament oriented fellowship

    Hi Stephen - Gnome Warriors would welcome you!! We are ranked 99 on the fellowships list and have 1 place left! You sound like a perfect fellow for us! We usually get to 5 chests, but with your input would achieve 7 or 8!! Have a look and apply to me - pepper16! Cheers!
  8. Looking for a FS specialized in Spire of Eternity Multi-player

    Hi Bob - we have exchanged sentient goods in the game! We at Gnome Warriors are looking for an active fellow! This is our last place available, so we need an active, friendly person who is willing to play in tournaments, adventures, spire etc. and trade. What are your boosted goods? What...
  9. Tourney player seeks 10 chest fellowship

    Hi Pleb the cat - Gnome Warriors have one space left and we are looking for an advanced player to complete our friendly global fellowship! We don't get to 10 chests, but with your input that may be achievable! Check us out on EN1 Arendyll server. I am the Archmage from Australia! Cheers, pepper16
  10. Setup a "Trade Route"

    I would like to add another suggestion which would be attached to the trader …. a 'pawn shop' or 'recycled goods/buildings' facility. This would be the place where you or others could buy back buildings or goods that are no longer needed or have been accidently sold ( like I have just done...
  11. Answered Colouring competition?

    This is my entry!
  12. Answered Colouring competition?

    Hi all, Does anyone know what happened to the colouring competition - I downloaded, printed and have coloured the cat and soldier image - now I can't find where to post it!!??? Prize was 300 diamonds! Cheers, pepper16:confused: