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  1. Rilian

    Version 1.137

    @BlueBlou You do not have the new version of the app yet. It usually takes several days to roll out. ;)
  2. Rilian

    Tournament squad size info.

    There is a BIG IF at the beginning of the 'destined to lose' sentence. ;)
  3. Rilian

    Tournament squad size info.

    I can't be bothered with @Sir Derf 's semi-pointless math, but if a win will cost you 50% of your troops, that will be true regardless of the number of troops involved. With 100 Troops, you will lose 50, with 10,000 troops you will lose 5,000. The 5,000 are harder to replace than the 50, but it...
  4. Rilian

    Tournament squad size info.

    Your chances of winning are not changed by the number of enemy troops, as the difference is a set percentage varied by the Round and Province. The cost of winning will be higher depending on the number of your troops involved. ;)
  5. Rilian

    Question Superior Scrolls Manufactory

    That feature is available in the browser version. Hovering over the Research will show that information. ;)
  6. Rilian

    Army power

    Hi, @Ladamaree , You improve the strength of your armies in 2 ways: Increasing the size of the army in the field by Researching Squad Size Upgrade Technologies. Improving the power of the individual Units by Researching the Unit Technologies. It will take time, but if you don't step too far...
  7. Rilian

    Question Unit refills

    Another tip: The number of troops you get is based on your current Squad Size, so it is best not to use them unless you need to. ;)
  8. Rilian

    Other Gendered honorifics

    Gender equality means exactly that. Let's not pander. A single term that is not directly gender-related (many have been listed already, although I lean towards "Your Grace" because it is short) should do the job without having to ask players to state a gender or lack thereof. The thing that...
  9. Rilian

    Tip - End of Ch XVII

    Slight Correction: It will not disappear, it will become declineable, so you can choose to do it or not. ;)
  10. Rilian

    Space.... and the ancient wonders

    Ancient Wonders were introduced in October, 2015, and the announcement included only the Racial Wonders of Chapter IV. However, Dwarves first visited Elvenar at the beginning of that month, so the Dwarven Wonders may have been included. The racial Wonders were just in time for me not to have to...
  11. Rilian

    Noticing little details.

    "The Last Battle" was the last of the Narnia series, written by C.S. Lewis. Google lists no other books by that name. Orcs were not present in Narnia. Orcs were written into "The Lord of The Rings" before Martin was even born, although the book was not published until Martin was 2 years old. And...
  12. Rilian

    Market value ratio highly inaccurate?

    More important than the usage is the AGE of this material. This thread dates before the change to the Trader that addressed the ratio problem. Please do not resurrect threads unless your comment gives new insight into the issue. ;)
  13. Rilian

    Discussion Safety First

    Somebody has to protect the adults! :p
  14. Rilian

    Open Goods decreased serious amount when click collect things from Genie

    @Tossakan Please lodge a ticket with Support. This will allow us to check your records to work out what has happened. It will help if you can remember approximately what time the actions took place.
  15. Rilian

    Fellowship Adventure Hints and Tips - Players Helping Players

    Which brings us back to @Gargon667 ;)
  16. Rilian

    Show Us Your Cities!!

    Hmm. Seems to me that 'Organised Chaos Anonymous' has the same initials as 'Orderly Cities Anonymous', so the name change would cover BOTH groups! :p
  17. Rilian

    Game Settings

    Note: On the 'Email and Password' page, changing your email is only available if you have validated your email. That side will show 'Resend Validation Mail' if you have not completed that process. If you think you have, or if you do not have access to the old email, you must get in touch with...
  18. Rilian

    Communication Add more avatars?

    @Perte You can see the Avatars that will become available in the Wiki. Check the sections on the Guest Races and the Ancient Wonders. ;)
  19. Rilian

    Achievements function

    @DaisyButton Probably because there was a 3-way tie for 50th.
  20. Rilian

    Question Sorcerers & Dragons

    @Blissie Once you get the quest to place the Halflings Portal, you will have no further quests involving the Sorcerors and Dragons Buildings. It will be safe to dispose of them. Any Settlement Goods you have will remain invisibly in your stores (possibly forever). ;)