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  1. Shadow Mike

    The Fair Traders have lost their marbles....

    ...And we would like to have them back :eek: We lost two players who left the game and both of them where producing marble. So we are looking for two players who have marble as boosted goods an are producing them. We are a fellowship that's been there since the start. We are a mature and...
  2. Shadow Mike

    Answered Inventory and buildings

    One of our member asked this question and nobody in our FS seems to know the exact answer. So good people of Evenar here is the question : Is there a limit on how many different buildings the inventory bag can hold , there seems to be place for 6 but I dont know if you get another tab when and...
  3. Shadow Mike

    Answered Rune Shard

    Can not find the answer in the Wiki so here is the question : If a player has not unlocked any Ancient Wonder yet and wins a rune shard in the tournament does he get that rune shard anyway ? Thanks
  4. Shadow Mike

    Answered Magic Academy and spells.

    Hello , I was under the impression that each spell in the MA required the same relics from every one. When I posted in the chat that there was a sil tournament going on and it was time to pile up on those relics because they where needed for the spell of provision. ( I have tu use a plank and a...