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  1. kurgkurg

    Question Advanced help for perks

    I hope, this is just rounded and the next level will still add some time, but it better would be to give this time in hours, more detail:
  2. kurgkurg

    Spot in Tourney Bandits

    Tourney Bandits will have 1 free space in next week. We get Spire Gold, 19 chests on tourney, and 6 free kp from perks in every day. If you want this place, write to kurgkurg in-game. You can get a permanent spot if you are good enough or another possibility - maybe you want just to spend a...
  3. kurgkurg

    Decreasing buildings levels

    it would be nice to have a possibility to decrease buildings levels. I know 2 cases when it's needed: 1) in my cities where I have stopped research for better fighting abilities I don't have anything to upgrade for event quests. I have already used all my previous chapter buildings from...
  4. kurgkurg

    Better Armories with "start all production at once"

    Please add that "start all production at once" possibility also to barracks orc producing. I always miss that if I need to click one by one all my 8-14 barracks (in different cities)
  5. kurgkurg


    now, with these new changes to the tournament, inno could also stop sharing the portal profit in Spire, it has become a completely worthless prize, and there are too many. if it came at first, it was a good thing, but now we don't need to do more chapters anyway